Study in Melbourne: Things you can do as a student in the city


Study in Melbourne: Things you can do as a student in the city


Melbourne is known for its Aboriginal indigenous art, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the spectacular sculptures housed in the Arts Center. It is also the capital of Australia’s most populous state. When it comes to criminal records, Melbourne is a safe place for tourists and international students. The overall grade is judged to be around 80%, meaning that all of the city’s streets are safe to walk down. In addition, the city is famous as one of the most beautiful and habitable in the world. Visitors to this eclectic Victorian city will find cultural diversity, ethnic values, a wonderful bayside demography, delectable coffee, breathtaking roads, and much more.

Countless students come here each year for a number of reasons, including the obvious desire to pursue higher education at a range of universities. Melbourne’s schools, tourist attractions, and student housing have a lot to offer both domestic and international students, offering them a superb university experience and student life. Numerous pupils are applying to a large number of premium institutions. Throughout the year, student accommodation Melbourne offers world-class homes to host international students.

Top places to explore and things to do in Melbourne!

Perhaps we’re inclined towards this thought, however we reckon Melbourne is most beautiful city on the planet. There are some absolute must-do Melbourne bucket list things. Whether you’re a first-time tourist or student or have lived here your entire life. You should take transfer through best transfer cab services. Melbourne’s food, drink, coffee, art, theater, and sport cultures are among the best in the world. It is recommended that you try to sample each one at least once.

Pay a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens

Melbourne is fortunate to have the Royal Botanic Gardens right in the heart of the city. The gardens are great for a picnic or simply a change of scenery for your weekday lunch because they are so easily accessible. Moreover because of the large grounds. You’re rarely compelled to compete with others for catching a glimpse of the breathtaking green grass.

Witness the Melbourne sunrise from a balloon

If you can get out of bed well before sunrise, the flight is well worth it. Surprisingly few people are there at sunrise, and drifting over the city in the early morning light is a lovely feeling. Since the flights run by each day’s weather. Where you are starting, travel, and land in your hot air balloon is always a mystery. This suggests one can view some of their favorite Melbourne spots from above or find some new jewels.

The Great Ocean Road driveway

The Great Ocean Road, which begins at Torquay (1.5 hours from the CBD) and ends just before Warrnambool, is unquestionably one of Victoria’s most popular tourist sites. It’ll take you around four hours to travel without stopping, but beware: you’ll want to stop. There’s simply too much going on along the seaside to ignore. Take a day vacation, stay for the weekend, or just pack your belongings and relocate along the Great Ocean Road.

Observe a spectacular exhibition at NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria is Australia’s oldest and most popular art museum, housed in a large edifice on St Kilda Road. The NGV delivers significant international art exhibitions to Melbourne, exhibiting both traditional and cutting-edge artists. Van Gogh, Hokusai, MC Escher, Dior, Dali, Warhol, works at New York City’s MoMA exhibition. 

Explore nooks & corners of Degraves Street

What exactly is it? Degraves Street is perhaps one of the nicest in a city famous for its laneways and arcades.

It’s a Parisian-style road that connects Flinders Lane with Flinders Street, with a number of cafés offering on-street eating. Before picking out a thoughtful gift at the artisan stationery business Il Papiro, we recommend sitting in for a glass of red.

Spend a day with paw babies at the zoo

Melbourne zoo houses the most humongous display of the animal kingdom in Australia. In the butterfly room, you may watch the world go by, visit the aviary’s colorful occupants, and journey through the Trail of the Elephants to see the close-knit family of big-eared beauties. All of the animal action will be watching at Melbourne Zoo. From the Zoo Twilights concert series in the summer to keeper talks and zoo high teas, there’s always something going on here. Before you go, make sure to say hello to the lion pride.

Book a Roar ‘n’ Snore — a zoo overnight where you camp in the iconic elephant exhibit – for the wildest night of your life.

Venture out for a river cruise

The Yarra River, which runs between Melbourne city center and near student accommodation Melbourne. It offers many beautiful views, and a boat down the river. It is a terrific opportunity to see this essential section of Melbourne. There are numerous cruise companies that operate on the river, so you may pick and choose which one best meets your demands and budget.

You wouldn’t want to miss out on all these adventures. So hurry up and plan your student accommodation Melbourne journey in the city already!

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