Natural Moldavite Jewelry Buying Guide

Natural Moldavite Jewelry Buying Guide

High-quality moldavite gemstones are beautiful stones that have many qualities and are the best choice for everyone. It is a perfectly formed stone when a violent meteorite collides with the earth. The stone comes in shades of moss green to olive green and is loved and bought by many.

As a retailer, it is very important to buy wholesale Moldavite Jewelry in the form of rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces to sell to your customers.

Properties of The Moldavite Stone

The stone is a member of the tektite group, formed from the interplanetary collision, which took place around 15 million years ago. The name comes from the Greek term, ‘Tektos,’ which means ‘molten.’ A mixture of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and other metal oxides, an amorphous crystal structure. Moreover, the stone is only found in the deep forest color near the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia, the only place globally.

Moldavite Advantages and Benefits

The stone has a rich history and was used as a talisman for good fortune, fertility, and protection. Wearing the stone in the form of Moldavite rings would be best, as it would help calm the worries and find solutions to the problems rather than focusing only on the issues. The ancient people believe that these stones have come to earth to help the planet rise above its current state, and the stone is used by the people who want to magnify the vibrations. The stone even connects the wearer with the few ascended masters and enables them to surpass time, making them quick and creative.

The Vibrations and The Transformational Properties

The Moldavite pendants have spiritual powers within them, and the strong energies of the stone will assist the wearer with the divine mind. Moreover, it helps the wearer move forward spiritually to a higher level. It is also called the stone of transformation, as it helps change the wearer’s life positively. When a person holds the Moldavite bracelet for the first time, they can feel the tingling in their hand, and then the vibration of the stone spreads into the whole body. Also, the reaction is felt in the chest, in the vicinity of the heart Chakra, and the person would feel the positive vibes of the stone. Furthermore, the stone has intense heat, which could be felt while using or holding the stone.

Recharging and Cleaning The Stone

While selling the Moldavite jewelry to the customers, tell them about the cleaning and the recharging process and the importance of doing these steps. The moldavite necklace is fragile compared to other stones, so the person buying it should never wash it with saltwater. Instead, use lukewarm water with mild soap and clean it every time after wearing it. Moreover, once a month, put the stone in a bowl under the moonlight on the full moon day overnight to recharge the stone and get rid of the negativity.

While going to places where you are very close to nature, like beaches, woods, grass, wear the Moldavite Ring or the stone in any jewelry. These places will fill your stone with lots of positive energies. For example, put the stone underneath the sand on the beach or over grass in your garden, then the wearer can make the best use of them.

Tips For Checking The Authenticity of The Stone

The Moldavite is one of the popular stones, and due to its unique color, people are selling fake Moldavite jewelry. So, it is vital to buy real Moldavite jewelry, and here are some tips for identifying the natural and authentic stone.

See the Moldavite Jewelry very carefully. Mostly they are transparent or translucent and are highlighted by the internal swirls and bubbles. If you don’t see these bubbles, there are chances of being fake. They are not the clean or the flawless pieces of the glass. Moreover, you can ask the seller about the place they have bought the stone from, and if you get an answer from anything other than the Czech Republic, it would be a fake stone because the stone is found only at one place in the globe.

Purchasing The Stone From The Correct Place

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