Is your car lock stuck? Discover 8 solutions here.

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Does your car lock seem to be stuck? Can’t turn the key? How annoying for you. It happens with some regularity that a car lock seems to be stuck. It is a problem that is discussed a lot on the internet.

That is why we have elaborated on eight tips on this page. We also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.

  1. Get the lock moving with lock spray

We came across a huge variety of solutions on an online forum, including lock spray. We came across this information:

Temperature changes, heat, and solid freezing temperatures affect the lock. Not every lock is resistant to the various weather influences. A good solution is to use lock spray. This is an excellent solution that often works directly with cylinder locks. It is water-repellent and water-repellent.

Other means of cleaning a lock and getting it moving are somewhat “more coarse.” You can get it by spraying a little lock spray over the moving parts.

It is very simple: if a key does not turn in a lock, I use a lubricant in the form of lock spray.

  1. Have you already thought of your spare key?

Is the key stuck in the ignition, and is there no movement in the lock? That’s annoying. It may sound like an extra tip, but this is an easy solution in many cases. On various forums, we read stories about using a spare key:

A key can only open a lock when the key is perfectly straight. This seems obvious and not rocket science, but people often don’t realize that the key is slightly bent by accident. The key will then no longer fit in the lock. Therefore, do not try to place the bent key in the lock, not even with a little more force behind it. Check the spare key! Often these keys are still completely straight, and you have a good chance of turning your car key “just” again. instagram beğeni satın al

The simplest solution is to take the spare key! Because you made that, right? However..? If not, this can be done by any professional locksmith. Within minutes, you have a spare key, and sometimes you get the second one for free.

  1. The key does not go in the ignition; with WD40, it does.

Your key does not turn in the lock of your car, and your car lock is stuck. Consider WD-40. Lubricating an ignition lock or lubricating the lock on the outside helps in many cases. It is a frequently mentioned solution on all kinds of forums. However, be careful to use WD40 only in an emergency. It is fairly thick and heavy, so it could cause problems in the future. On one of these forums, we got an answer to this question:

My key won’t turn, and the car won’t start. What now? My neighbor indicated that you should spray WD40 on it. I was somewhat skeptical, but it’s okay… worth a try. WD40 is a silicone spray that makes the keys slide and runs more easily. You can buy WD40 at any DIY store. WD40 is much better than oil. This has to do with oil attracting and retaining dust and dirt. If you then put the key back in your pocket, dust will form on it, and you will push it all back into the lock. So I sprayed some WD40 in the lock, and an hour later, the engine roared again.

Use WD40, which lubricates and dissolves dirt and grime.

Spray well in the lock, then all the mess disappears. And it will evaporate on its own, so it will be dry again. Then possibly with some extra WD40, inject some, then it will continue to work smoothly. Good luck.WD40 rules. It has always helped. Inject and 50x the key back and forth.


  1. Loosen the lock and pry a little.

It can sometimes help to loosen the lock a little on one side. The lock has several internal elements that can slide and block your lock. Is the key stuck in the ignition? Or is your car key not turning in the ignition? Various forums on the internet discussed the following solution:

Have you ever thought about coming here? A car lock often consists of a cylinder where several catches are located. As time goes on, “walk” and shift a bit. Often, shifting pawls means that the lock no longer works properly. I called a friend of mine, and he told me that it works well if you loosen the lock on one side and pry a bit with the key. I loosened the screw on the lock on the left. Not completely loose, but a little. Then I pried and shook my key in the lock. I tightened the lock and tadaa… everything worked again. Everything had fallen into place. You can lubricate your car’s ignition, but you can also try my method right away. Unscrew and pry the lock open: it works for me!

The cylinder may have shifted slightly in the lock so it no longer turns properly. Loosen the screw slightly and try to move the lock slightly.

  1. Graphite powder is an option.

Your key will no longer lock, and once your key is in it, it is extremely difficult to turn. It is a common complaint. On the other hand, it is a problem that can easily be solved. Graphite powder is a much-discussed solution on all kinds of forums:

My key car does not turn. What now? A colleague of mine indicated that I could also use graphite powder for stuck locks. I had never heard of it, but I made it anyway. If it doesn’t help, then it doesn’t hurt. But it worked like clockwork. I put some of the extremely refined powder in the lock, and hours later, the lock opened again. I have had good experiences with graphite powder. Hopefully, you too!

Graphite powder works great, especially preventively. I would try graphite powder first for sale at Gamma and its peers. Oil retains dust and becomes viscous due to the dust particles.

Try spraying some graphite powder into the lock. You can simply buy this in the better do-it-yourself store: take the key in and out a few times and turn the lock a few times.

  1. Is your car lock stuck? Check your steering lock.

Are you already in the car and suddenly think: “My car key does not turn in the ignition.” That is possible. It often happens that a key does not turn in the car ignition. On the internet, we came across many forums where the use of the steering wheel lock was discussed:

Recently, I got into my car, and there was no movement in my steering wheel or car lock as if my car lock was stuck. I tried everything I felt. In the end, it turned out to be my steering wheel lock. Also, your lock is blocked, and it looks like your lock is stuck. Yet it is very easy to remove this blockage. Try prying and pulling on the handlebars. Pry a little from left to right, and you will see that there is more movement in the steering wheel and that your lock will cooperate.

While pulling the key, try to move your steering wheel back and forth a bit so that the steering wheel lock can pop loose.

Just twist the steering wheel a bit and pry as you try to turn the key.

  1. Call a professional locksmith

In some cases, lubricating the ignition lock is not enough.

At first, I thought, “Help! My key doesn’t turn in the lock of my car, but this disappeared like snow in the sun when I called the locksmith. The locksmith was on site quickly and had the job done within 5 minutes. It is a nice feeling to know that you are in good hands. A key car does not turn, and that can have several reasons. I had tried everything but couldn’t get it to work. The locksmith discussed what he was going to do and what it would cost in advance. A nice feeling!

It could be that those things are frozen inside the lock, but this is more of a locksmith question.

With limited knowledge, you can have a locksmith come.

It may sound crazy, but you can also just call a locksmith in Tampa. These are not only for the locks of houses, caravans, and scooters but also for car locks.

  1. Have you tried the other doors?

When people stand in front of a closed car door, they often forget the other doors. Several forums on the internet discussed the following solution:

The key car does not turn. Now what? That’s exactly what I thought. I was standing outside in the rain, and my lock didn’t cooperate. It can happen, but that doesn’t mean it’s annoying. I was concentrating and thinking about the solution. Then suddenly, I had a bright moment and decided to try the other doors. I did it! I entered through the passenger side, got behind the wheel, and started the car. Even though I lost the overview for a while, I still managed to open the car.

This afternoon, I wanted to get into my car after work, but the key in the door lock wouldn’t turn all the way, and I couldn’t open the lock. Previously, this also did not always work immediately, and it helped to turn the key the other way (as if you were locking it), and then I could open the door. Now I only had a little ‘play,’ but the door wouldn’t come loose… So finally, I clambered into my car through the passenger door and came home anyway. With the button on the inside, I could just open the door, so I locked it again. I tried with the key, but I couldn’t lock it either.

One more tip.

Unfortunately, these methods do not always work, except for a professional locksmith, of course. It may just be that you spend a lot of time and effort without immediate results. So keep calm and call an experienced locksmith Tampa. This saves a lot of frustration and time.


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