Freelancing: Where to Find Online Authors?

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A freelance writer can’t be an expert in everything for every client for successful agencies.

It is rare to find a writer who writes skillfully for each client.

When you come across one of these “factotum” writers, it is best to keep them.

As a result of their perseverance, they consistently produce high-quality work.

To improve the quality of your content, your writers must possess the discipline to follow instructions on formatting, quotes, style, etc.

However, it is difficult to find these factual writers.

One of our long-standing customers in the aftermarket car industry recently asked us to produce more content.

The customer requires more than 20,000 product descriptions from a few different agencies – more than a year of product descriptions.

The writing requires knowledge of a few different types of aftermarket car accessories, ranging from quarter-mile muscle cars to off-road vehicles.

On my staff of independent car experts, I had two, but I needed many more.

Many of the LinkedIn ads I launched were very specific about the topic.

The freelance writers should not apply if they didn’t understand the niche.

It didn’t happen like that. Only 2 applicants out of 10 were qualified.

Managing freelancers in your business is crucial. Then ensure they do what you told them to do on time.

Below are some tips for finding independent writers who are right for your online project.

Find Journalists First for Niche Targeted

Whenever I am looking for freelance writers or other staff, LinkedIn has been my main focus.

It will be more difficult to find a subject specialist who can write the more targeted a niche is. Journalists have the most experience in this area.

From money to motorcycles, I work with many high-level journalists.

Money is everything to full-time writers in small niches.

Using email and social networks, you can reach popular authors.

The names of some may not be published because they are under contract.

If you are looking for a specialist journalist, you can place an ad there as a business or agent.

Find out where experts are targeted online

A large number of forums and freelance marketplaces are available online. Look for one that has a writer who writes on the topic you’re writing about, and simply ask if any freelancers are available.

The Field Engineer online marketplace connects businesses with freelance engineers with the right skills and access to complete job assignments.

Prepare yourself for a surprise.

Advertising Should Be More Special

Do not simply state that you are looking for a car dealership.

Not a resume, but a sample

Even without a writing degree, I know writers who produce better content than those who have earned an MBA in Creative Writing. Schools don’t matter. Quality matters.

In advertising, don’t talk about money. In the first email thread, however, don’t discuss money. You and the applicant will save time this way.

Make sure you do your research before responding. Searching for the applicant’s name on Google and viewing their social media profiles can reveal quite a bit.

Look for a network security product writer who has a motorcycle in his or her social media feed if you’re looking for a freelance network security service/product writer. Nevertheless, some of the best writers aren’t on social media.

Make a response template. To respond to interested freelance writers, I create a responsive template.

After I research them a bit, I also personalize each message based on how they respond to the outreach.

The ultimate aim for me is to find freelance writers who are intrinsically valuable now, as well as capable of growing and proving themselves in the future.

The following characteristics should be present in a freelance writer:

  • You won’t find any plagiarism from them.
  • They are extremely precise and accurate. If you don’t do your research, you’re out!
  • Deadlines are respected by them.
  • Directions/outlines are important to them. This includes both SEO and content creation. Each step is clear, often ordered, and includes subtopics that are appropriate to the topic. It should be followed as directed, and the output should be as simple as possible.
  • No or minimal Grammar errors and spelling mistakes. There is a mistake on the author’s part. It is for that reason that I mention “minimal”. Every business or agency also has copyeditors on staff, even if they are just another set of eyes from non-writers.

Having them trained will allow them to grow and demonstrate their abilities.

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