Become the KING of On-Demand Multi-Service App Industry with Gojek Clone

gojek clone

During the Pandemic, people were going through a difficult time! Since a majority of them were Locked inside their Homes, it was hard for them to even get their Groceries, purchase Medicines, and more. Then, just like a Bolt, Gojek Clone App struck us! It is the Most Perfect App that exists to date! 


To explain the reasons, we first need to understand what the On-Demand Industry is. Well, according to the definitions, this Industry is filled with Mobile Applications that fulfill the Instant demands of the Customers who need immediate Services or Goods. 

Let’s see an Example to understand the concept better.  

Suppose I am a 58 Year Old who is on consistent Medications. Since everything is Locked Outside, including every means of transportation, how will I get my prescribed Medicines? Thus, in this case, the Gojek Clone will come in handy! It has an entire Option of Doorstep Contactless Medicine Delivery. 

The Procedure To Order Medicines On The App is here: 

    • Open the App and go to Medicine Delivery Section 
    • Choose a nearby Pharmacy to Order the Medicines 
    • Select the Medicines you want to after tapping on the Pharmacy’s profile.
    • After The App User has added all the medicines into the Cart, a Screen will Pop Up with a message to attach the Prescription. 
    • The App User needs to Upload the Prescription’s Photo. 
    • They can edit the Prescription if they want to and tap on the ‘PAY’ Button to head to the Checkout Page. 
    • On the Gojek Clone Checkout page, the App User can view their Order, Add the Delivery Location, select Deliver to your Door, and tick on Contactless Delivery Option. 
    • Now, the App User can move ahead and choose the Payment Method – Cash, Debit Card, In-App Wallet, or Credit Card. 

Once the Order is placed, the App User can track the Order via the App itself. The User can also see the Delivery Driver’s Live Location using the Map after the Pharmacy has Accepted the Order Request and an Assigned Delivery Driver picks up the Order from the Store. 


  1. Rating and Review: The User can Rate and Review the Pharmacy Store based on the Quality of the Products Delivered. Also, the App User can rate the Delivery Driver based on how they delivered the Order. That is, they can define if the Driver was wearing an N95 Face Mask or not, was the Delivery Contactless, etc. 
  2. Delivery Tip to the Driver: The App User can also give a Delivery Tip to the Driver. They can either choose to pay the Tip along with the Payment of the Order or pay it later. However, the only condition wherein the App User can pay the Tip later is that the Order must be paid Online. 
  3. In-App Push Notifications: These Push Notifications to update the App User with the Latest Updates about the Order. These Graphically Represented Notifications pop on the Screen with Updates like Order Confirmed, Order on the way, Order Delivered Successfully, and so on. Thus, the User no longer needs to open the Gojek like App again and again to track the Order Progress! 


Do you wish to own an App like Gojek and conquer the On-Demand Multi-Service Industry? Well, White-Labeling Firms like Gojek App Clone offer the best Opportunity for Aspiring Entrepreneurs just like you! 

Gojek App Clone is a White-Labeling App that has the simplest Mobile App Development Process. So, what are you waiting for? Get the App now!

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