Why Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

Why Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

In the age of the internet and instant connectivity, almost everyone has mobile devices at their disposal. People love to consume content and services from mobile apps and websites. For this reason, businesses heavily invest in web and mobile app development. In this blog, we are going to learn why you should build a mobile app or a mobile website and hire a mobile app development company

Mobile App and Website Market Overview 

  • It is estimated that the smartphone user base might grow up to 7.5 billion by 2026 
  • The mobile app revenue has dramatically increased from 461 billion to 639 billion 
  • There are over 2 million apps on the App Store, while Google Play features around 3.4 million apps 
  • More than 63% of smartphone users are more likely to do business with companies that provide mobile sites or apps. 
  • More than 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly from a “click to call” button 
  • In 2018 alone, marketers had spent around $138.8 billion on mobile ads
  • Around 57% of the online traffic comes from mobile devices (USA)
  • Mobile-friendly websites get 15% more unique clicks 

Let’s talk about the reasons to develop a mobile app or website

Benefits of Building a Mobile Website 

Mobile Websites Work on All the Devices 

This is perhaps the most important benefit of developing a mobile website. HTML and CSS technologies enable businesses to provide a uniform experience on almost every device. Thus, everyone with a digital device can access a mobile website with great convenience. You have a better reach to your audience when you develop a mobile-friendly website. 

Reduction in Load Time 

People have moved to smartphones and tablets. Thus, they expect to have a blazing fast experience on the websites that they browse. Developing a mobile-optimized website helps you drastically reduce the loading times and reduce the bounce rate of web pages. 

Great Advantage in SEO Rankings 

Developing a mobile-friendly website helps you to gain more preference from search engines like Google and Bing in their ranking index. In fact, people are able to find your website more easily if it has been mobile optimized. The preference was first introduced by Google in 2015 when its new algorithm gave more preference to mobile-friendly websites. 

Less Expenditure on Maintenance Costs 

It is a truly remarkable fact that developing a mobile-friendly website can reduce your website maintenance costs. Building a responsive site doesn’t require you to build two separate versions of the same site. You don’t have to reformat, copy, or add features to your web pages. 

Keep up With the Competition 

Almost every business is understanding the importance of building a mobile-friendly website. Thus, it would be best for you if you also develop a mobile-friendly website to keep up with the competition. If you do a close competitor analysis, you’ll find that most of your competitors are pushing toward mobile-friendly websites. 

Mobile Users are Better Buyers 

Various studies have shown that mobile users buy more than desktop users. We think this is because mobile devices provide the power of becoming informed consumers. They have instant access to buying decision-making information like user reviews, ratings, comparison guides, and more. Plus, mobile is much better when it comes to faster payment gateways and finding coupons. 

Build Credibility and Improve Impression 

The fact that a business is making efforts to make its website more friendly is enough to build faith among customers. In fact, it gives the message that business cares about the consumers and their convenience. Ultimately, this helps in building strong credibility and improving impressions. 

Benefits of Building a Mobile App 

Unparalleled Customization 

Businesses are able to create a unique brand identity when they develop mobile apps. In fact, developing mobile apps provide far more customization options than any other alternative. Furthermore, businesses have the choice of developing native apps, mobile web apps, progressive web apps, and cross-platform mobile apps. You can define the technologies and features with proper mobile app development. 

Push Notifications 

Although browsers are now also able to send notifications, a mobile app can do it a lot better. Businesses can release custom push notifications about updates, offers, promotions, etc. In fact, we can say that it is an excellent communication channel between businesses and their consumers. Ultimately, the customers are always reminded to stay engaged with the app. 

Better Customer Experience 

Customers these days demand the best convenience at their fingers. Thus, opening a mobile website could be hectic for them since it might take a considerable amount of time. Mobile apps attract more customers with a smooth and streamlined user experience. Thus, businesses with mobile apps are able to engage more customers with ease. 

Stay Competitive in the Digital Age 

Many businesses are realizing the true potential of mobile app development. Thus, they usually reach a mobile app development company to build their mobile app for the market. This enables one to enjoy multiple benefits at once. Thus, you should also consider investing in mobile app development to gain a competitive edge. 

Save Big Money on Operational Costs 

Mobile apps can drastically reduce the operational costs of a business by streamlining operations and promoting an online-only model. Furthermore, it helps businesses to shift their traditional brick-and-mortar business into a fully online businesses. 

Improvement in Security 

Digital security has become a major concern among users in the world of cybercrimes. Thus, investing in mobile app development can help you ensure better security and privacy standards. You will have far superior data-security technologies and protocols than any mobile website. Thus, this is ideal for both B2C and B2B companies looking for better data protection and privacy. 

Unique Services 

Mobile apps can help a lot of diverse industries, while websites are usually limited to a few industries. For example, on-demand services work better with a mobile app, where the users can book things in a few taps. Plus, it is a lot easier to track real-time updates when using a mobile app. 

Nowadays, mobile payment solutions have also become very popular to buy/access products and services. By developing a mobile app, it is possible to integrate the best and smoothest payment gateways. Mobile apps can process multiple credit cards, debit cards, coupons, vouchers, e-wallets, etc. 

Collaborating with MobileCoderz to Develop a Mobile App or Website

If you are finally convinced to develop a mobile app or website, then MobileCoderz could be the ideal mobile app development company. They have years of experience with mobile app development for multiple platforms. Furthermore, the company follows a client-centric approach that provides complete satisfaction to the clients. 

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