Why Scanpst Failed to Repair Error? – [Resolved]

scanpst failed to repair

Generalposting | “ScanPST Failed to Repair” If you are inquiring about the same. Then, here you get all the possible solutions to repair scanpst.exe easily. Using an automated solution that provides you with an easy & simple solution for this issue.

As there are many Outlook users who face issues while Outlook data folders in Outlook while actively opening emails. This problem increases, and users try to resolve this issue. At times like these, the Scanpst.exe tool allows the user to detect and repair these corrupted data sections.

Let us What is Scanpst.exe?

Scanpst.exe is an inbox repair tool that comes built in with MS Outlook. Which has been developed to diagnose problematic PST files. ScanPST.exe identifies the error location on the computer so that it does not have to through the Whole mailbox. Therefore, it specifically searches through the personal folder files to find out if the data has been damaged or if similar errors need to be repaired.

As Inbox Repair Tool is used to recover corrupt PST files. However, it is found that this tool does not always succeed to give the desired results. There are many users who also find that in order to resolve the errors, one has to run the Scanpst.exe multiple times till it can find an error in the file.

When Does the ScanPST.EXE Failed to Work? – [Reasons]

Above we have mentioned that there are times when this inbuilt inbox repair tool fails to resolve the issue. To show an unexpected error message which prevents access to the files during recovery. There are many reasons why the scanpst.exe tool fails. Some of them are listed below:-

PST Files Are Damaged Severely: There is a time when users face these types of issues. As PST files are too damaged to be diagnosed or repaired by the inbuilt inbox repair tool. Severe file corruption is beyond the capacity of scanpst.exe.

File Size Limit Issue: Scanpst.exe can only repair files up to 2 GB. Due to this size limitation, most of the large PST files go beyond the scope of repair through this tool. So, scanpts.exe does not help if you have files larger than 2 GB.

Scanpst.exe Not Found: There are many users searching for this tool in the search bar but are not able to locate it. In the rare scenario, however, it happens with many people when we look at the huge number of users trying to find it. This is the file location of the inbox repair tool: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12.

There are other common errors that include the accidental shutdown of the application, incomplete setup of Outlook, etc.

What Happens IF ScanPST.EXE Failed to Repair?

If your scanpst.exe tool fails to resolve your problem. Then, you can try some alternative methods. However, the manual methods might work for some and might not for others. Here are some alternatives.


Go to start menu>>Command prompt>>Right click to select “Run administrator”

Type ‘chkdsk /f’ and press Enter

Now, Follow the instructions given on-screen to begin scanning:


Go to Start>Computer>C: drive>Properties

  • In the “Properties” window, go to “Tools” then click on “Check now”
  • In the next dialogue box, select both options and click on Start


Another thing that you can resolve the scanpst.exe error is to move the PST file to another system. And, you should ensure that the other system has the same version of Outlook. You can run the tool and see if the error still exists.

So, these are all hit and trial methods and you can’t have any certainty that this error will be resolved. And, what if after all these methods the Scanpst.exe fails to work? Then, our expert recommended we use our automated solution for an easy & quick solution. Which is a completely risk-free tool.

Now, in the next section, we are going to discuss an automated solution for the Scanpst.exe failed repair issue.

ScanPST Failed to Repair – An Automated Solution

Use the Microsoft Outlook PST File Repair Tool which is an advanced third-party tool that has been developed to repair corrupt or damaged PST files. Whenever the scanpst.exe tool fails to recover corrupt or damaged files, you can use this software as a reliable solution.

In this utility, the user can easily use and offer step-by-step instructions to detect and scan the corrupt PST files. To repair them and restore them back without altering their original properties.

Also, it saves the repaired PST items to new healthy PST. There is no size limitation to load large PST files. It can also recover deleted items that have become inaccessible.

So, use this software for a quick and simple process to solve the issue of ScanPST.EXE Failed to repair. Now, are its working steps to make your entire task easier. Let us take a look at its working process!

Working Process Explained of the Software

Follow these steps to make your entire process easy & quick without losing any data and risk-free. Using automated software through which you are able to solve the issue of Scanpst.exe failing to repair the PST file. Let’s start the process:-

  1. Download and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Now, Preview Recovered PST Data
  3. View Deleted PST File Data Items
  4. Finally, click on the Export button to Save Recovered PST Data.

Author Suggestion

In this article, we have discussed “Scanpst Failed to Repair”? Use an automated solution that is recommended by experts to easily solve this issue risk-free. There is no size limitation to using this tool and users can easily repair their corrupted PST files. So, you can go with this software to make your task easier for repairing the PST file from Scanpst.exe. For more details, you can go with the above blog.

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