What Not to Do in Kedarnath

Things Not to Do in Kedarnath

For Hindus, the Kedarnath Temple is one of the holiest destinations on the planet. For many, this location is a symbol of serenity and everything holy because it is believed to be the residence of Lord Shiva, one of the three gods in trimurti and the slayer of evil. Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, is noted for its mountains and rivers in addition to its religious significance. Nature has bestowed all types of beauty on the region of Kedarnath. Every portion of it is a sight to behold, and visitors come from all over the world to marvel at its mesmerizing beauty. But, before you begin arranging your vacation to Shiva’s homeland, consider the following suggestions to make your journey as pleasant and delightful as possible!

Don’t Go without Plan

The month of October is the best time to visit Kedarnath. The weather is nice, the sky is clear, and the mountains can be seen. You might wish to schedule your visit during the week because weekends are very busy in this holy country an you may perform many tasks.

Must Go for Shopping in Kedarnath

There are a few items you should bring with you on your journey. Jackets and sweaters are a requirement because the weather can be unpredictable, and steep locations are often cold. For added warmth, use a woollen cap, muffler, and gloves. Protect yourself from the sun’s rays by wearing sunglasses and using a high-quality sunscreen.

Don’t go without medical kit

A medical kit might be useful in the event of minor injuries. Hilly terrain is known for its crookedness and chaotic paths. Because you will be walking a lot in Kedarnath, sports shoes are the ideal choice of footwear for tourists.
Do not pack your whole Wardrobe.

Because the Kedarnath Yatra Packages entails a significant amount of trekking, keep your luggage as small as possible. Trekkers will also need good boots to have a comfortable and pleasurable excursion. Make sure these shoes/boots aren’t slick and have adequate grip to get you through the snow.

Keep some light snacks with you

Bring some light snacks to eat at regular intervals, such as chocolates, dry fruits, and biscuits. Anything too heavy can make it difficult to continue walking and may possibly make you sick. A water ball of reasonable size is also required. It can be refilled at any standard water source.

Don’t visit if you are suffering High blood pressure

If you have respiratory or high blood pressure issues, you may want to skip this one. It’s all about trekking through Kedarnath and taking in the scenery along the route. This is a demanding trek that is best suited to persons in good physical shape.

Build stamina in prior to visit kedarnath

As a leading Mumbai travel agents recommended that even persons in excellent health do yoga or some other sort of exercise to prepare for this voyage. Start walking a few months before the trip to build up your stamina.
Comfortable cloths.

Sarees are not permitted on this excursion. In fact, any type of apparel that obstructs your vision or makes it difficult to walk in should be avoided. Salwar Kameez, bottoms, kurtas, or any loose apparel that allows you to walk freely would be ideal.

Kedarnath Darshan

Try to visit the Kedarnath Temple before 3 p.m., as the temple gates close to tourists after that time. They reopen at 5 p.m., however there is a lot more traffic and longer lines in the evening.

Hire mules and porters to help you transport your belongings

To avoid being deceived, check their official identification before hiring them. Also, verify their prices online first to prevent spending more than what is quoted.

Keep some cash with you

Finally, make sure you have some cash on you. It is possible that online payment will not always function. Don’t forget to bring your tickets and photo identification. Without it, you won’t be able to enter some areas.

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