What is the Future of Printing Technology in 2022?

printing technology
Referring to the packaging industry, technology has had a massive yet positive effect in a short span of time. Digital printing has been introduced with technological advances through which, customization of any and every packaging has become easier and easy to access. With all these upgrades, the printing industry has flourished and is now able to produce multiple sorts of packaging styles that too with a relatively refined quality.
With the advancements in printing technology, the way forward for the packaging industry has widened. Every day, a new, better, and innovative formation takes place. Henceforth, printing a better design for your packaging is no more a tough job and is now available to everybody. Moreover, in these unprecedented times such as covid-19, eCommerce businesses took over. This is now consider to be a separate market. Ecommerce is relatively more convenient, profitable and has helped people build a better lifestyle for themselves.

Product Packaging can be Personalize:

However, you don’t have to make a huge investment to design packaging suitable for your product. Product packaging can be personalized according to your requirements without a hassle. From its printing technology to designing and styling, everything is easy to access.
With respect to that, let’s refer to the packaging of donuts. Donuts are a sweet and sugary bakery item loved by every age group. But to present these cereals in the market we need a packaging that fits with the theme of cereals. Different bakeries personalize their own packaging technology according to the different cereal flavors. However, a standard and simplistic cereal box used for ages is the blank donut box. Apart from their light-hearted color, these classic blank cereal boxes are relatively less expensive than the white boxes. However, you can form decent and exquisite packaging out of these standard boxes. Here’s how!

Modifying the standard pink donut boxes!

With the recent advancements in printing technology, you can modify your standard packaging as well! Therefore, you can choose a packaging style that fascinates and suits you best for your donuts. Kraft and cardboard packaging are used to protect these delicate edibles. The styling of these boxes is done in a way that the donuts inside don’t get spoiled.
Some of the packaging styles you can consider for your pink donut boxes are as follows:
  • Tray and sleeve boxes
  • Four cornered boxes
  • Hexagon two-piece boxes
  • Pillow boxes
  • Bookend boxes
Moreover, you’re not restricted to a particular box style or color. This is what customization is about. You can modify and personalize the way you want. Furthermore, if you want to change the standard pink donut boxes color, you can without a hassle do it too!

Different printing techniques to enhance the appearance of your donut boxes!

As technological equipment has made remarkable progress, multiple printing techniques have also been introducing. These techniques will help you make your classic pink donut boxes twice as classier and eye-captivating.
  • Gloss and matte finishing:
Gloss finishing adds shine which will provide a very joyous outlook whereas; matte finishing will give a relatively tough and elegant look to your pink donut boxes.
  • Silver and gold foiling:
If you have customized a logo for your pink donut boxes, you may keep it simplistic but intensify to make the logo eye-captivating by using silver and gold foiling. Foiling can be of any color you prefer. However, silver and gold give more of an exotic look.
  • Embossing and Debossing:
If you have a customized pattern for your classic pink donut boxes, you can enhance and give a texture to that pattern by embossing. Embossing provides a raised, 3-dimensional look to your pattern.
However, Debossing makes your print impression inside of the packaging and creates a depressing effect. With this effect, you can fill the imprinting with gold or silver foiling as well!

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