Upright or Canister Vacuum Cleaner: How to Choose?

Solutions for Vacuuming Your Floors

The vacuum cleaner is the basis of effective floor hygiene today. The company offers a large number of sled or broom models adapted to all needs and all uses. Each of these technologies has its respective advantages and disadvantages. This guide presents them to help you choose so that vacuuming is no longer a chore!

The Canister Vacuum Cleaner: The Versatile Classic

A luxury product in the first third of the 20th century, the canister vacuum cleaner gradually became more popular and established itself as a benchmark over the following decades. So much so that it now equips the vast majority of homes. It would still sell more than 2 million each year, in our country alone.

Consisting of a massive body placed on wheels, connected to a long pipe through which the suction takes place, it has long required the use of specific bags intended to collect dirt. Today, bagless vacuum cleaners are available. The absence of a bag to be changed regularly represents a significant ecological and economic gain, and the presence of an air filter to retain allergens and dust in the vacuum cleaner guarantees impeccable hygiene.

With proven technology, these vacuum cleaners have the following advantages:

  • They are particularly powerful and versatile: their volume and their wired nature allow high-performance motors to be placed there. In addition, accessories (brushes, nozzles) ensure exemplary suction on all your surfaces. The Smart Clean Power Foot even includes an automatic floor type detector!
  • They enjoy unlimited autonomy and therefore a vast field of action.
  • They are generally quiet.

Conversely, these models are more restrictive to use, to move, and take up more space to store them. Smart Clean and Smart Clean Power Foot models, however, both stand out for their reduced size. konya escort

The broom, a handy and practical vacuum cleaner less and less limited

This is a growing segment in recent years. Seduced by recent technological progress that allows these machines to offer interesting performance and features, households are now equipped with stick vacuum cleaners.

These devices, which come in the form of a traditional broom, have many strong points:

They are mostly wireless, particularly light and handy, and can easily be transported in a car, a garden shed, etc.

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They can often turn into a handheld vacuum cleaner, for even greater versatility. This is for example the case of the Featherweight Pro Eco or the Multi Reach and ICON ranges.

They are very practical to use, to store, and are often very stylish (you can also keep them on hand). The Multi Reach Ion XL 18V model benefits from a design as successful as it is ingenious allowing, thanks to its foldable handle, a huge saving of space once stored.

On the side of the disadvantages, there is a noise level generally higher than the sled models as well as autonomy and power necessarily limited by the presence of an electric battery. Some devices, push back these limits, however, with an autonomy of up to 50 minutes, and a sound level limited to 69 dB.

Criteria for choosing

As we have seen, these two families of vacuum cleaners have their own specificities, more or less adapted to specific situations. In conclusion:

For housing with a small surface area and little exposure to dirt (for example an urban apartment, without pets, with little traffic, etc.), an entry-level or mid-range broom vacuum cleaner will be perfectly appropriate. The Featherweight Pro Eco, offered evde masaj at a particularly contained price, will suit, for example, a student or a young couple.

For larger and more varied surfaces (parquet floors, carpets, rugs, tiles, etc.) and a higher level of dirt, the power and autonomy of sled models can be interesting. The powerful, versatile, and compact Smart Clean Power Foot will delight the most demanding users.

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