Types of Student Accommodation: An Overview

student accommodation

Moving to a university is a great feeling, but it throws a whole load of questions in mind. One of the major concerns in selecting the right kind of accommodation. While deciding on your ideal accommodation, you must consider several parameters and accordingly decide what type of room best suits you. Think about the bed size, amenities offered, proximity to the university, and whether you want to share the room or not. The selection of student rooms range from student en-suite rooms to fully furnished apartments. We have put together a handy guide to help you make the right decision. 


A studio is a small apartment that combines several rooms including a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. This means that students can have their own private space. These types of rooms are perfect for those who love their privacy and want to be independent. Moreover, you can enjoy flexibility too. As some studios are big enough to cater to two people, sharing with someone can help in saving money

Ensuite Room 

In this kind of room, a student can enjoy their own privacy as sleeping space and private bathrooms are included. However, you do not get your own kitchen or cooking facilities. The ensuite room includes a common kitchen which is shared among flatmates. These rooms are generally modern and spacious with a lot of storage and study space. Ensuites tend to be the cheapest room option and perfect for those who are flexible in sharing social spaces.

Private Rooms

Student accommodation

Private rooms are quite popular among the students. These are generally managed by landlords or properties in the private rented sector. Private rooms can be used for individual purposes or can be shared with a friend depending on the size of the room. They are generally located in neighborhoods with a high concentration of students but can also be part of more diverse areas. The quality of the home can differ vastly and we recommend renting from property owners accredited by your institution. 

University-Managed Houses and Rooms 

These are properties, which come under universities and colleges that look similar to regular houses/ flats but generally have a standardized look and facilities. The students often apply through their institution’s lodging offices through the waiting list. Universities may offer rooms in households for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

University Dorms 

Another popular choice among students is university dorms or student hostels. These are typically located on-campus and may even include meals in the canteens. The major group of students living in hall rooms is students in their first or second year. 

Family Stays or Homestays 

Another less common options are family stays. However, these are perfect for those students who like the comfort of living with a family. The vacant rooms are offered by local families for short terms typically for one year.  

Research well before you select a student housing 

 When looking for student accommodation in Guildford, it is important to ensure that you consider these below-mentioned factors: 

How safe is the area?

Research well about the neighborhood to understand how safe is the area? 

Is there any public transportation available nearby and how quickly can you get everywhere? 

Living a little further out in a city is fine, but you will want to first double-check that the transport links are good enough to get around. 

Talk about the neighbors and what are they like

It is not easy to research on this. It will depend on the type of student accommodation you are looking at. If it is a privately rented home, then you can talk to the current tenants and see what their views on the neighbors are. You can ask the landlord too. 

What amenities are included in the rental

If you are concerned about your rentals, then you should clear out about the amenities available. Ask about the electricity bill, water bill, internet availability and more beforehand. 

Is any maintenance going to be required? 

If the answer is yes, then find out how much it is going to cost and who is going to cover it. 

How many people will you be co-renting with? 

While you might enjoy socializing with more and more people, sharing a house can be a different experience. Adding more roommates enhances the chances arguments and difference in opinion. Looking at some tips will help you have an amazing time while at university.

Selecting the right kind of student accommodation for you

These are some of the most common varieties of student accommodation. It makes sense to look out for terms like ‘halls of residence’ or ‘privately rented student accommodation when you are on the lookout for your student accommodation. Keeping these kinds of student accommodation in mind should help in shortening the search while ensuring that you do not end up selecting housing that doesn’t interest you. 

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