Tips for Teething Babies

As all parents know, teething babies is one of the most challenging aspects of raising a young child. Not only is your baby uncomfortable, but they can also be quite fussy and irritable.

Some tips will be shared here that will help make the teething process a little bit easier for both you and your baby.

Teething is a predictable part of the baby’s development and this will be one nerve-wracking time to the parents of the little ones that struggle through cutting the first few teeth.

And no matter what time of the day, the fussy baby that is teething will be hard to put at peace. But during the day, you’re expected to be awake. So, what can you do to soothe your little one and get them back to dreamland at night, so the both of you can enjoy some shut-eye?

Here are some tips:

1. Give a gum massage

Teething Babies

Once your baby develops a habit of waking up at night, you can help them sleep more peacefully by rubbing your baby’s gums with a durable teething ring.

After teething, it’s safe to say that your child has the ability to chew on anything. However, make sure she or he is only eating safe foods that can be stored in a refrigerator and/or freezer. Avoid amber, marble, or other wood jewelry as it can pose a choking risk.

2. Offer a cooling treat

Teething Babies

Gum soreness, or inflammation, can be treated immediately by holding the affected area in cool water to facilitate circulation.

The cold cloth can be used to instantly cool a baby’s gums or to clean a baby’s teeth. This cleaning technique can be enjoyable for a baby and is especially helpful if your child is teething.

3. Become your baby’s chew toy

You’re right! Tooth rubbing, or ‘tooth-gumming’ is the first step of tooth-brushing and for children, when they teething, they can give it to them.

4. Apply some pressure

Although this method may not be as direct as cleaning one’s hands before giving your baby a soothing rub on the gums, it is generally effective, assuming you are gentle and careful to avoid any injury.

5. Wipe and repeat

Teething Babies

If your little one is still having a hard time settling down, then you might have to wipe and repeat. Simply wipe your baby’s gums with a clean washcloth to help soothe their pain. And if there’s still no relief, you can try to repeat this process throughout the night.

6. Consider medicine

If your baby is in a lot of pain, it’s important to visit your doctor to make sure that there isn’t an underlying condition that’s causing the pain. Some medications can help relieve teething pain. If your baby is over the age of 2 months, you’ll want to speak with your pediatrician before giving any medications.

Teething is a temporary situation, so don’t let it ruin your little one’s bedtime routine. Even if your baby doesn’t sleep well that night, stick to the routine the next day and don’t be put off by the discomfort. Ask your dentist since they know the best thing to do.

Remember not to give your baby a lot of sugar before bed, and be sure to follow the advice of your pediatrician.

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