The Mysterious Characters in the Unnamed Universe [All Eight of Them]

Throughout history, strange and unlikely heroes have risen and fallen. Those men and women are mysterious, and, for the most part, they keep their identities a secret. But, for a great evil to end, their stories need to be told, which is why we have comic writers like Geoff Johns to do that.

When February 2022 started, Geoff and Bryan Hitch, two of the greatest comic experts, had put together a masterpiece. Together with Mad Ghost Comics, they presented a monstrous 80-page comic book that featured multiple characters.

In the extra-sized lead story, they introduced the mystery of RedCoat and the secrets of the Warlords of Las Vegas. It was their way of expanding the Unnamed Universe and getting more characters to keep the series alive.

About the Characters that Span the Unnamed Universe

In the Unnamed Universe, you’ll find everything from a radioactive family man in the near future (Geiger) to an immortal British assassin during the American Revolution. Also, you’ll meet a robotic killing machine that seeks its creator. But that’s not all. The Universe is dealing with global violence called the Unknown War.

Now, if we set off the Universe on a time spectrum, everything would look like this:

  • RedCoat became immortal in 1776.
  • Then, The Northerner began his hunt in 1864.
  • The Monster rose in 1944, and it goes on in search of its creator.
  • In 1972, Junkyard Joe came online, becoming the hero that takes down the psychopathic Cosplay Killer.
  • Then, American Window X had her revenge in 1997.
  • In 2025, a little into the future, the First Ghost is captured on film.
  • Then, the Unknown War erupts in 2030. But, the character who walks across America twenty years later (in 2050) is Geiger.

Post-Apocalyptic Times

So, in 2050, away from Nevada’s desert where Geiger walks, Las Vegas is full of interconnected kingdoms. The casinos are now castles, and each building has a particular theme. What’s more is that The Camelot is under The King, who is desperate to get the Nuclear Football device away from US presidents.

The King’s men almost have the device, but the children of a waitress steal it at Camelot. Then, they pursue the children, only to meet Geiger in the desert, who is overly protective over football. As you can see, the Unnamed Universe intertwines heroes’ lives, and you will love it!

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