The most famous online games

The most famous online games

The given are the most famous 2022 online games:

NEW WORLD (2021)

New World is a fantasy sandbox MMO from Amazon Game Studios. The developers have chosen for their project a very unusual setting for the genre – North America during colonization. Players are present with a lively, realistic and very hostile world filled with aggressive creatures, including fantasy ones. The choice of who to be, how to develop and build colonies, the developers also left for the players.

New World has become one of the most popular MMORPGs of 2021, despite optimization problems and a small


In this adaptation of the cinematic universe into the world of video games, Saber Interactive showed us something in between Left 4 Dead and Serious Sam, because the number of enemies on the map can range from units to thousands.

Zombies here, as expected, huddle in crowds and try to devour our heroes (in the amount of 4 pieces per map), so you have to shoot back from them from anything, build improvised traps, make your way with explosives and run very, very fast on map. Another interesting feature of the game is the unique characters for each level, each of which has its own set of skills and its own character.

In 2021, an updated version titled Aftermath was released, which includes a new class, two extensive campaigns (one of them will throw you on the snowy Kamchatka) and a number of other innovations, according to which the developer considered that the game could be sold a second time, so we will assume that this is a “new” online game best crazygames.

WORLD WAR 3 (2021)

World War 3 is a multiplayer shooter from the same developers who gave us Painkiller. The action takes place in the near, but, we hope, alternative future, when several European states initiated a new World War.

The creators of the game are most confused on realism. You will visit real-life locations, made so believable that it is not difficult to believe what is happening. All equipment and weapons are also real, the developers took enough time to consult with experts and transfer not only their appearance, but also technical characteristics to the game. You can participate in these bloody events on behalf of a fighter of one of the real armies, including Russian, Ukrainian, Polish , German.

The game was release in 2018 , but was later “frozen” and receive a second life already in 2021 – with a new publisher in the person of



Worms Rumble returns to the screens of the players insane “Worms” who wage an endless war with each other for fun. Fans of nostalgia will not be able to experience this feeling, since this creation is far from the classics – for example, the battles here unfold in real time (in 16 by 16 format), and the 2D format has changed to 2.5D.

If we exclude these innovations, which, by the way, users liked, this is still the same driving action game with rich customization and an impressive arsenal of weapons, in which there is a place for both a classic firearm and an explosive granny crazygames online .


The League of Angels series is worth paying tribute to – starting as a simple browser game, it has grown to 4 games, and with the release of each one, progress is visible in terms of graphics and gameplay. Heaven’s Fury is the fourth installment, and it even made it to Steam, even if it didn’t become popular there.

Players will once again save the fantasy world from destruction by creating a hero and going on classic MMORPG adventures. Unlike the previous parts, the graphics have become fully three-dimensional, and the battles are much more dynamic due to the isometric perspective. Recommended for fans of the genre.



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