The Experts Bring Back Three Fan-Favorite Wingstop Flavors

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The remixes originated when fans began commenting on social media about merging two of Wingstop’s 11 signature, robust tastes to create fresh new Wingstop Flavors. The brand decided to give them a go after realizing that their supporters were certainly onto something. Since introducing these popular remixes, fans have demanded their return. The three returning tastes span the gamut of spicy and savory.

Hot Lemon Flavor

Hot Lemon combines the kick of Wingstop’s Original Hot with the renowned Lemon Pepper Wingstop Flavors to produce a zesty and spicy take on two classics.

Bayou BBQ Flavour

This taste, inspired by southern characteristics, combines Hickory Smoked BBQ with the brand’s unique Cajun seasoning.

Lemon Garlic Flavour

Lemon Pepper is on a roll, starring alongside Hot Lemon and Wingstop’s delicious, buttery Garlic Parmesan in this remix with a spicy peppery kick.

Business Of Flavour And Continuously Investigating Innovations

Chief Growth Officer Marisa Carona stated, “We are in the business of Wingstop Flavors and are continuously investigating innovations that will add curiosity to our hand-sauced-and-tossed offerings.” “Limited-time-only tastes thrill our core followers and encourage new guests to try them, so as a twist on the familiar, we’ve reintroduced a flavor remix of our most popular flavors.”

Flavour Remix Fix On Wingstop

Fans can now get their Wingstop Flavors remix fix on and the Wingstop app for a limited time. For the most flavor for their buck, fans may add the Boneless Meal Deal to their carts, which includes 20 boneless wings in their choice of four flavors for only $15.99, along with a large order of fries and two dipping sauces.

About The Wingstop

Wingstop Inc founded in 1994 and based in Dallas, TX, runs and franchisees more than 1,700 restaurants globally. The Wing Experts are committed to Serving the World’s Flavor by providing an unrivaled guest experience and utilizing a best-in-class technology platform, all while providing classic and boneless wings, tenders, and thigh bites, always cooked to order and hand-sauced-and-tossed in 11 bold, distinctive Wingstop Flavors. Wingstop’s menu also includes trademark sides, such as freshly-cut, seasoned fries, and freshly-prepared ranch and bleu cheese dips.

Wingstop’s System-Wide Sales

Menu system-wide sales climbed 20.2% year-over-year to nearly $2.3 billion in the fiscal year 2021, marking the eighteenth consecutive year of same-store sales growth. Our system is comprised of independent franchisees, or brand partners, who represent around 98 percent of Wingstop’s total restaurant count as of March 2022

Wingstop 60 Net New Restaurants

During the fiscal quarter that ended in March 2022, Wingstop opened 60 net new restaurants, a rise of 13.4 percent, and reported an increase of 1.2 percent in domestic same-store sales. During the fiscal quarter that concluded in March 2022, 62.3 percent of Wingstop Menu sales were generated via digital channels,

such as and the Wing stop the mobile application. Wingstop expects to expand digital sales over the next three years by sustained investments in its technology platform and worldwide platform expansion.

The Wingstop Way The Basic Values Of Being Authentic

The Wingstop Way which comprises the basic values of being Authentic, Entrepreneurial, Service-Oriented, and Fun, is a major contributor to the company’s financial success and consumer popularity. As Wingstop Menu aspires to give value to all stakeholders, The Wing stop Way extends to the brand’s environmental, social, and governance platform.

Fastest Growing Franchise And Franchise 500

In 2021, the company was ranked #1 on Technomic 500’s “Fastest Growing Franchise” and #22 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Franchise 500,” maintained its certification as a Great Place to Work, was a finalist for The Innovation SABRE Award’s Best New Product/Brand Launch category for its Thigh stop campaign, and ranked #4 in the dining category on Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies” list.

Original Hot (Heat Scale: 3)

There’s nothing wrong with a bit retro, and the Wingstop Menu Original Hot sauce is no exception. Invented in 1994. And still going strong. I might add in nine countries!

Spicy Korean Q (Heat Scale: 3)

From old-fashioned hot sauce to contemporary Spicy Korean barbecue What does this mean? Ginger, garlic, Sriracha, and red pepper flakes! An additional sweet and spicy success specialty!

Hickory Smoked BBQ (Heat Scale: 2)

Hickory. Smoked. BBQ. Three words undoubtedly fill your stomach with excitement as you say them. These bad boys are another Wingstop must-try!

Lemon Pepper (Heat Scale: 1)

This connoisseur’s favorite Wingstop flavor! Believe me, the dry rub of zesty lemon and crushed black pepper works!!

Garlic Parmesan (Heat Scale: 0)

Simply delicious. This taste gives your wing a little more solidity. Garlic and parmesan cheese are delicious!

Popular Dishes On Wingstop’s Menu

If delicious wings are not enough, the Wingstop menu has much more to offer. From specialty fries to Cajun-fried corn to veggie sticks. And freshly baked rolls…to your family’s favorite dips. Such as Wing stop Ranch. Plus a beverage. You have everything you need for in-home dining or takeout.

Concerning Wingstop Chicken Wings

Wingstop, which was founded in 1994 in Garland, Texas, is renowned for its crispy and tasty chicken wings. It currently has over 1500 locations in nine countries. Wingstop takes great pride in its exceptional cuisine and superb customer service. Its purpose can be summed up in five words: to offer the world’s cuisines!

Is Louisiana Rub From Wingstop Spicy

Their wing flavors rated from zero to five by Wing stop. Five is the trendiest number. The Louisiana Rub is rated a three, which places it in the center… not too little or too much seasoning Therefore, keep that beverage close by just in case!

How Spicy Is Wingstop Atomic

It is the spiciest wing flavor offered by Wing stop. Five out of five on the spiciness scale, they dare anyone to try it. But biter beware. The lip-smacking experience is worth trying but beware it will make your lips numb also they provide a bunch of discounts and a Wingstop Promo Code on their latest menu. You can also check out their website for more information.


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