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The best Philadelphia escape room in the USA

What is an escape room?

If you have been to a popular boardwalk or tourist destination, chances are that you already have experienced one.

These popular venues have become more and more of a staple for entertainment in cities across the world.

As of today, there are many companies offering this service. One of the most well-known comes from the City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia!

Does it look familiar?

You’ve walked past them before, but never ventured inside until now – maybe because you were afraid or thought it was too childish for your team?

Maybe people told you they were too easy or not worth the money?

Well here at Escape Rooms USA , we want to break through that barrier that stopped so many people from trying out the best escape game in Philadelphia.

We want everyone to experience the thrill of locking themselves away for 60 minutes and working with his or her teammates to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack codes before time run out!

Why should you play?

The whole point is that it brings people together.

It has been said that almost 80% of communication comes from body language, compared to only 7-10% coming from your actual words.

An escape room can be a great way to strengthen relationships among friends, family members, co-workers – anyone!

While it may seem simple on paper or when watching others make their way out of an escape room, nothing is more fulfilling than succeeding together as a team!

There are plenty of other benefits playing these types of games offer participants, here are just a few:

• Self-confidence building – When you watch all five of your teammates run to the next clue without hesitation, it gets everyone hyped up!

Players will gain confidence in themselves and his or her abilities.

This game allows everyone to step outside their comfort zone while working on new skills such as problem solving and teamwork skills.

• Teamwork – As we mentioned previously, this game gives participants the opportunity to learn and use different new skills such as problem-solving and teamwork!

It’s important for teams to improve these two things because they can help them perform better no matter what environment they’re in.

Not only that but when you witness your teammates using/ practicing these skills, you can also learn to adapt and enhance yours.

• Creativity – One of the best things about escape rooms is that they are very open-ended.

There are no clear instructions telling you what to do in order to advance through the games.

It’s up to the player to use his or her imagination in order to find clues or discover new ways of solving problems!

The great thing about Philadelphia is that there are many different types of escape rooms for every type of gamer.

Whether you’re teaming up with friends or family or going in solo, there are tons of choices to choose from.

Let’s take a look at our top recommendations for the best escape room in Philadelphia in our next blog! To know more read the next blog.

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