The best domestic online games

Following are The Best Domestic Online Games of 2022.



Hardcore survival-MMO about battles in the fictional city of Tarkov. The essence of the game comes down to session forays into a closed area in order to get hold of valuable loot for trading and crafting. The problem is that you are not alone in your quest – meeting with other players almost always ends with the death of one of them and the complete loss of loot, including your own equipment. There are no auxiliary markers and even a map in the game, and the time to escape is strictly limit. A very interesting, beautiful and extremely complex project from Russian developers.


Beloved on release and infuriating in its current state, an online first-person shooter from the Ukrainian branch of Crytek . When it was release in 2012, the game was ahead of its time thanks to Crysis’ top-notch graphics, but today it’s just a free-to-play shooter that challenges players to shoot each other in a future war setting.

PvE content is consider to be a strong point of Warface : developers often send a team of gamers to large-scale special operations not only in different parts of our planet (the mission about Chernobyl is worth noting separately ), but also in space. PvP is also able to captivate, but if you remove the aggressive donation and its impact on the gameplay.


An online shooter from the creators of the most popular game Contract Wars, which, in fact, is its spiritual successor. Hired Ops does not jump above its head and offers a well-balanced genre gameplay with modern combat operations that take place in various hot spots of the planet, mercenaries divided into 4 classes, and well-known PvP modes. I am glad that the developers have taken care of customizing the hero and weapons (over 100 modules), and you can buy the necessary arsenal right during a fierce firefight.


And this game was clearly influenced by STALKER – this is an open-world online survival unblocked games 76 present in the form of a fictional post-Soviet state. You are thrown into locations that have become extinct due to the poisonous fog and thrown to the mercy of fate – get ready to independently search for resources and weapons, interact with NPCs and factions, complete tasks, run away from an angry bear and decide whether to trust the first player you meet, or it is better to take him away prey.

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Several entries in the Guinness Book of Records, dozens of prestigious gaming awards, hundreds of clone games, over 600 different tank models, hundreds of millions of players and half a billion dollars in profits. Even without knowing these figures, it is impossible to argue with the fact that World of Tanks is the best domestic online game. “Tanks” can be love or hate, but they have already enter their name in history and this game will be the measure of success for domestic unblocked games 66 development for a long time.


War Thunder is an ambitious project from the tireless Gaijin Entertainment, where we are promise large-scale battles with the simultaneous participation of aircraft , tanks and ships of the 20th century. Already, the project has firmly occupy the niche of the best game about combat aircraft and is not going to give it up to anyone. After all, a variety of air combat modes will satisfy the needs of both hardcore simulators and yesterday’s casual players. Unfortunately, the other two components of War Thunder have not yet been work out so well.

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