The 6 Types of Logos by the Best Custom Logo Design Agency

The 6 Types of Logos by the Best Custom Logo Design Agency

Do you remember Nike’s logo? Of course, you do as it is distinctive in its way. Logos play a vital role in the success of businesses trying to gain a competitive edge. The custom logo design agency emphasizes designing unique logos that best fit your organization’s structure. This means a logo should depict the company’s goals, objectives, core values, products, and services. Moreover, it acts as one of the best marketing techniques in an ever-goring world where new companies are springing up daily to cater to the growing demand of users.

A logo is considered the epitome of success; hence all industries are nothing without an outclass logo. Take the example of a search engine optimization service provider company that mentions the need for innovative logos that fit well with optimized keywords that help rank your website or company on the top search results. Since all the companies work to get seen by the majority of the people marketing through multiple mediums becomes a must. We have a lot of examples of companies that only focused on their logo creating and SEO keyword usage to become famous overnight.

6 Types of Logos by a Custom Logo Design Agency

  1. Monogram Logo

The monogram logos are often known as letter marks that use letters to represent the brand or company. Usually, these logos contain the brand initial instead of having big names that are difficult to remember. Since one of the logo elements is memorable, Monogram easily fits into the category. HBO, CNN, HP, and CNN are a few examples of such company logos, well-known worldwide. The typography-based logos are simple, utilizing fewer letters to grab the attention of a larger market. Since these companies focus more on the initials, it becomes crucial to choose the right font that delivers its message and is legible in all the mediums. Further, these types of logos are best for multinational or big brands that have been in business for a long time and have made their place in the market. It wouldn’t be a good idea for smaller firms to use it, and even if they want to, they should add the company’s full name so that people can associate with it easily.

  1. Wordmark

Another most used logo is Wordmark, also known as logotype. It is a font-based logo design that only focuses on the organization’s name. These are best for companies having unique names, making them stand out from the competitors. Google is a prime example of a wordmark logo that is memorable and attractive. Additionally, it has a powerful typography structure creating a stronger brand image. Visa and Coca-Cola are two other examples of these logos with clean fonts. Here the logo designers focus more on the company’s name; hence they choose fonts that fit well with the overall look of the logo. These companies usually use clean and elegant fonts that give a high-end touch its appearance. However, many of the government agencies typically stick to the heavier texts. Moreover, wordmarks work best for new businesses that want to create brand recognition, telling customers about their core values, products, and services.

  1. Pictorial Mark

Have you noticed the bluebird on Twitter? Without a doubt, you have one of the biggest platforms that allow customers to interact and tweet their thoughts. Twitter is a perfect example of pictorial marks or logo symbols. In short, it is an icon or graphic-based design. Apple is another example of such a logo that has marked its presence on its customers worldwide. Well-established brands usually use these logos to recognize these marks instantly. Since the best logos only contain an image, it might get tricky for new firms to create such designs. Therefore, companies hire a custom logo design agency to create professional logos. Here choosing the image becomes the most crucial part of the logo designing process. Companies need to come up with timeless pictures or ideas and will continue to earn profits until their existence.

Further, organizations need to ponder what type of brand name they want to create, one with a deeper meaning or one that looks fun. Additionally, these logos can easily evoke emotions among customers making them feel connected with the brand. World Wildlife Foundation is the ultimate example of such a logo.

  1. Abstract Mark

These are specific pictorial logos that are hard to recognize and fall into abstract geometric forms to represent your brand identity. Pepsi and Adidas are examples of abstract logos. These are used best by companies that want to summarize their brand meaning into an image representing their products and services efficiently. It leverages logo developers or designers to play around with images and pictures instead of using images of something recognizable. Still, it can convey the company message without focusing on the cultural implications of an image. If you want to add some meaning or attach emotions to the company, you can use specific colors and fonts that act accordingly.

  1. Emblem

The emblems are a unique logotype with fonts inside an icon or symbol. They usually are in the form of seals, badges, or crests. Though they have a traditional appearance or logo approach, they create an incredible impact on customers. Hence, many schools, government agencies, universities, and companies opt for emblems. Harley Davidson and Starbucks are two of the most famous companies with an emblem logo depicting class and modernization through the design. However, these logos have higher detailing, with the name and symbol being rigidly entwined. They are considered less versatile.

Further, these logos might not look good on business cards as they become so small that it becomes hard to read. Emblems intricate designs are hard to copy, making it difficult for other businesses to replicate and avoid frauds. If you want some embroidery on your logos, you should choose simpler logos to avoid creating a mess that might lead to complicated designs.

Logo designing has increased in the past few years, with businesses trying to compete with each other in terms of the best logos or names. Hence the custom logo design agency has flourished over the years, helping organizations create great logos for businesses that attract customers in the first appearance only.

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