Scenic Road Trips To Aesthetic Staycations Around Mumbai –

The monsoon season in itself is beautiful. Nevertheless, the Maharashtra monsoon rains are simply breathtaking. They set the stage for gorgeous flower blossoming, lush green scenery, and magnificent vistas. Furthermore, with travel restrictions being eased, everyone is trying to stay ahead of the monsoons. From Mumbai to Alibaug, Maharashtra has various nearby hill stations and towns ideal for traveling during the monsoon season. However, Lonavala takes the prize whenever it comes to a perfect monsoon road trips. It’s a beautiful drive, whether you drive alone or take public transportation from Mumbai to Lonavala.

Lonavala has expansive villa rentals with beautiful vistas, meandering ghats, and tranquil surroundings. The distance between Mumbai and Lonavala may be traversed in the most picturesque way imaginable, right after reading our list of locations to halt on your trip to Lonavala to make it a monsoon getaway to recall!

Are you exhausted from looking at screens the whole day? What you need is a homestead getaway where the greenery can soothe your eyes. Imagine lush fields, delicious fruits, peaceful walks, and a refreshing change. Here are some handpicked fine collections of Ekostay near Mumbai where you can experience the style of living! Even though you might be contemplating coming there and coping with the crowds, we are bringing you somewhere else: to private luxury villas in Lonavala. So pack your stuff, start your motor, and travel to these private villas in Mumbai, which provide privacy, pools, and bedrooms with amazing scenery. With private pools, play spaces, and amazing views, Ekostay villas provide a complete entertainment package, but you could take it a step further with barbeque meals and bonfire activities!

  •  Palm Grove Villa In Lonavala –

In Palm Grove Villa in Lonavala, one of Ekostays’ finest ensembles, nestled in the tranquility of Maharashtra’s most gorgeous hill station. Relish the breathtaking sunsets while savoring your favorite mocktails in peace and tranquility. This Villa is an ideal stay which offers 3 spacious bedrooms with minimalist interiors. Ekostay villas in lonavala have caretaker service on your finger tips to make your stay as comfortable as possible. 

  • Octagon Farms Villa In Lonavala –

Octagon Farm Villas is a spectacular 8-bedroom villa with a private pool, ideal for evening leisure. The elegant interiors have been well-lit, enhancing the space, and the owner’s equestrian barn is a spectacular attraction for pet lovers. This is an ideal place for a weekend getaway with family and friends. Especially because of its lush green surroundings and pleasant ambiance. The lawns here seem to be perfect for playing games or getting your heart pumping with some football. Choose from a great assortment of Lonavala villas to discover your ideal summer home. With its lush mountain vistas, warm hospitality, and peaceful settings, this is an excellent place for a weekend trip with family and friends. Pack a volleyball with you to keep them amused with a game of ping pong while you admire the breathtaking sunset.

Not every holiday needs weeks of planning and preparing. Sometimes getaways need only one backpack and a short drive to the nearest leisure destination. What if we promised you you could get there in a few hours? That’s right! These magnificent villas in and around Alibaug are just a jump, hop, and fly away! They are affordable, boast beautiful vistas, and provide unique experiences just a small distance from Mumbai. You can either drive down and enjoy the scenic routes or just hop on a boat to go wherever you choose. Prepare to be wowed by breathtaking vistas, delicious local cuisine, and comfortable beds to snuggle into.

Whether you enjoy the beach and are a fan of history, seeking an informative trip. Alibaug is the place to really be. The magnificent beachfronts in this region, such as Alibaug Beach, Mandwa Beach, and Nagaon Beach, among others, provide a great day out for the entire family. Besides swimming and sunbathing, some of these beaches offer a wonderful range of watersports. Individuals interested in history can spend a wonderful day seeing all of the historical sites in the area.

Such as the Brahma Kund and the Kolaba Fort. One of the finest ways to spend your time in Alibaug is to partake in the watersports offered by the beach. Sports like paragliding, waterskiing, and paddle boating are affordable for both beginners and experts and offer a memorable experience for all. While in Alibaug, you can also go camping, with several beachside campsites creating favorable spots for the activity. Summers in Alibaug are generally hot and humid, while winters are generally temperate and pleasant. Winter here lasts from November to February and is often regard as the finest season to visit. 

  •  Bali Villa In Alibaug-

A magnificent 5 BHK villa in Alibaug with a private swimming pool and a big lush lawn will make your stay memorable. Outdoor seating is offered, as well as a well-lit gazebo where you may unwind or throw parties with your friends and relatives. The bucolic ambiance is attractive and warm, and it will put you in a positive mood. Bali Villa’s pool in Alibaug is spacious enough for net sports and scoring points! A private pool with a gazebo, superbly planned grounds, and a scrumptious BBQ area will allow you to enjoy nature’s unique splendor at its finest. This is the most convenient form of transportation, yet it is only 200 meters from the Mandwa Dock.

  • Casa Zul Villa In Alibaug- 

Casa Zul is a spectacular three-bedroom Alibaug villa with a pool. That is hidden away from the town’s hustle and bustle. It’s difficult to imagine anyone who doesn’t want to stay here a little longer. Whether you like to relax in the sun in the outside private pool or dine on barbecue meals surrounded by a bonfire to warm you up in the evenings for an additional charge. Who wouldn’t like to invest a little extra cash in coziness? This luxurious Alibaug villa is just a few minutes’ drive from Thal Beach. After a day of pleasure, the spacious rooms and comfy bedrooms with elegant decor provide an ideal refuge.

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