North Hills Pap Smears: The Facts About This Screening Method

north hills pap smear test

A pap smear tends to be a lifesaver since it enables you to screen for cervical cancer, a deadly disease. A pap smear test is a lifesaver since it allows doctors to screen for cervical cancer. The North Hills pap smear test will enable doctors to screen for cervical cancer. A pap smear test is reproductive system care meant for preventive purposes.

During these tests, the North Hills urgent care doctors also check for human papillomavirus in the sample. HPV is typically the main cause of cervical cancer. If you get abnormal cervical cells, this shows that it is a sign of an infection, cancer, or any other underlying ailment. The tests are crucial since they help in making it easier for doctors to detect abnormal cervical cells in your cervix that can cause cervical cancer in the future. Pap smears should be conducted alongside HPV tests. Learn more facts about this screening technique.

Reasons to Get a Pap Smear Test

Pap smear tests are mostly performed together with pelvic exams. Suppose you are 30 years old. You will need to simultaneously get a Hills pap smear test and HPV test. This virus is typically transmitted through sexual intercourse and might result in cervical cancer in women. Both patients and doctors will decide how often the tests should be done.

The perfect age to start getting pap smears is when you have reached 21 years because then your reproductive health will be fully developed. After you have started going for these tests, you can then continue with your routine checks after every two to three years. After 30, the interval becomes wide, and you will take the tests once every three to five years. You might as well require frequent pap smear tests if you are at particular risks that can cause cervical cancer. The factors that lead to an increase in cervical cancer include;

  • A previous diagnosis indicated the presence of precancerous cells or cancer in your cervix.
  • If you have HIV
  • Your immune system is weak by the overuse of chemotherapy, corticosteroid drugs, or organ transplant procedures.

HIV Infection

Suppose you are diagnosed with HIV. Your body typically will undergo changes that mostly affect how the uterine cells are formed. This virus also makes your body prone o several infections because of the lowered immune system. The disorders typically attack your body’s reproductive system. Therefore, it is critical to take these tests regularly because they aid you in maintaining good vaginal health and cervical tissues as you continue taking your medications.

Cancer Remission

If you have a pap smear test and cancerous cells are detectes, which later become full-blown cancer, you need to focus on its recovery and ensure it is progressing. It helps in removing cancerous cells. Suppose this is the case. You will need to increase these routine tests. Your doctor will monitor how the treatment progresses and if these cells reduce as expected. If there are no changes in your health, your doctor will require you to increase the dosage or switch to another treatment.

A Weak Immune System

Sometimes, your immune system can be lower if you have a pre-existing health issue. And this makes your body vulnerable to different infections, including attacks from abnormal cervical cells directed to cervical tissues. Intense chemotherapy or HIV causes a weakened immune system. Genetics is the main cause of this; therefore, you will be require to schedule a consultation session with the doctor if your immune system is low. It will enable you to detect the presence of abnormal cervical cells in your system.

When you have peace of mind, your recovery will be swift and more effective—understanding your health status helps in benefiting your mental health and helps detect underlying health issues that can cause complications in the future. Your anxiety levels are also reduce when you seek medical help from a reputable health provider.

Benefits of Taking a Pap Smear Test

Undoubtedly, taking a North Hills urgent care pap smear test is highly beneficial. The main advantage of these tests is that you can understand your reproductive health by focusing on your cervical health. The main aspect of taking these tests is that the doctor can detect the presence of precancerous cells in your cervix that might put your cervical health in danger.

Final Thought

North Hills pap smear test is highly critical because it helps you to prevent cancer from developing into advanced stages. These tests also allow doctors to detect and eliminate viruses and infections that might attack your cervix. According to doctors, the perfect age to get a pap smear test is when you have reached 21 years. Here your reproductive system will have fully developed and is essential to doctors since they can make a detailed analysis of your cell samples. Visiting a North Hills urgent care clinic has many benefits compared to an emergency room.

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