NEW VICTORINOX 2022 all-purpose knife.

Victorinox launches the Classic Precious Alox collection with a new woven pattern.

With the release of the Classic Precious Alox collection, Victorinox takes the updated range to the next level, expanding the variety of popular small pocket knives with a new 3D tactile experience.

The look and feel of the diverse Classic Colors collection are completely reimagined with this luxurious new series. With the Classic Precious Alox collection, Victorinox presents a modern and newly developed Alox weave pattern in five different elegant colors.

This new collection exudes style while remaining true to the brand’s commitment to durability, strength, and functionality. The knives, with their unique structure, are available in exquisite colors such as iconic red, delicate rose, timeless grey, brass gold, and forest brown, giving this companion a noble and precious expression.

At just 58mm long, these bright little pocket knives come with a small blade, nail file, screwdriver, scissors, and key ring. Combining functionality and luxurious style, these elegant partners are perfect for any occasion.

Victorinox’s popular REX

Victorinox’s popular REX peeler will be available in gold just in time for the holiday season! Whether you’re cleaning in style or hanging a stunning 24-carat-coated brush as a Christmas tree decoration, friends and family will be amazed and probably a little jealous.

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For a limited time only, Victorinox is releasing its popular REX peeler in gold. The eye-catching kitchen gadget not only looks amazing, but it does the job quickly and efficiently. The Golden REX Peeler makes it easy to peel all kinds of fruits and vegetables and can even be use to cut chocolate and cheese. In addition, the peeling has an ergonomic handle shape, is lightweight, and is ideal for both right-handed and left-handed people.

The REX Golden Peeler furnish with a very sharp straight blade and promotes healthy cooking as it peels very finely while preserving vitamins. Being in the new Huntsman limited edition “Year of the Tiger 2022” Swiss precision meets the Chinese zodiac. Each year, Victorinox releases a new Huntsman Pocket Knife to welcome the Chinese New Year and honor the current zodiac sign. 2022 is the year of the tiger, a symbol of strength, courage, and confidence. This item is designed to make 2022 an exciting year of peace, prosperity, and good fortune.

Huntsman’s “Year of the Tiger 2022

Huntsman’s “Year of the Tiger 2022” is a tribute to these energetic animals that are honor and revered in 2022. This limited edition comes in classic red with a dynamic gold tiger pattern. Limited to 8’000 pieces worldwide, it includes the lucky number 8.

Legend has it that the tiger was the guardian of heaven, sent to earth to end the unrest caused by wild beasts and restore peace. Thus, he became the king of the jungle and was perceived by the people as the protector of order and peace. Today, the tiger is still a symbol of strength, courage, and confidence.

Like the tiger, people born this year are considered adventurous, energetic, and like challenging tasks. They are born leaders with dignity and determination, as well as passion, generosity, and honesty. They also have the tenderness and strength of a female tiger who lovingly cares for her cubs. Their benevolence, romantic spirit, honesty, and sense of humor make them highly respected individuals.

Each Huntsman “Year of the Tiger 2022” is individually number and comes with a certificate in a special gift box. This is an ideal gift for people born in the year of the tiger, as well as a wonderful piece for collectors and tourists. It is under the skin of vegetables and fruits. This kitchen gadget is the perfect partner for both amateur and professional chefs who love to work quickly and in style.

Victorinox Winter Magic collection

It is the third pocket knife from the Victorinox Winter Magic collection to be motivate by this enchanting season. This time the focus is on the special design Climber Lite knife with LED function. Matching the Winter by Night themed design. As an inspiring detail, the knife comes with a moon keychain that can be attached anywhere you like for even more magical winter moments.

This pocketknife’s elegant scale depicts a snowy mountain landscape on a clear. Cold winter night with the moon and stars shining in a stylish bronze tone. Amplifying the magic of this attractive scale, the moon charm is a pendant that can be attached to a knife key ring, to a bracelet or necklace as a fashion accessory, or indeed to any other item of your choice.

This year’s Winter Magic pocket knife is limited to 10,000 pieces and come in a special gift box. It would make the perfect Christmas present and gift for winter lovers and anyone with an eye for detail. The unusual appearance and charm of this knife is not the only thing that draws attention; 17 practical tools will also increase its popularity. Whether a person is simply going about their daily business, is on the road at night, or needs lighting. Or is traveling the world, this functional pocket knife is the perfect, elegant companion.

“Swiss Champ Damast”

Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox, assembles the first 30 of 6,000 pieces in the “Swiss Champ Damast” limited edition. ย One of these highly sought-after Swiss Army Knifes, number 30, will be up for auction on eBay-for-Charity-Auction starting August 27, 2021. Proceeds from the auction will be donat to the charity “Ein Herz fรผr Kinder”.

For a traditional family business like Victorinox, social responsibility and the well-being of children are high priorities. It is for this reason that Victorinox is partnering with eBay-for-Charity-Auction to support Ein Herz fรผr Kinder, an international charity dedicated to supporting children and families in need.

Having a personal interest as well as being the head of the family business is Karl Elsener. In this promotional event and provides full support. I have had the pleasure of assembling with my own hands. The 60 individual pieces make up each of the first 30 Swiss champions. And it is very important to me that one of these special knives. A collector’s item, will put up for auction, and the proceeds will go to support a worthy business,” explains the CEO of Victorinox AG.

The item up for auction, the Multitool Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition 2021, has Karl Elsener’s signature engraved on the small blade. This exclusive collector’s item would not be complete without a presentation box. Handcrafted from local cherry wood in Muotathal (Canton of Schwyz), Switzerland.

Victorinox Outdoor Masterย 

The Victorinox Outdoor Master Mic S is the smaller of two fixed-blade knives. That Victorinox introduced a couple of years ago is a departure from the famous Swiss Army Knife.

Spain’sย Muelaย makesย thisย knife.ย The small model has an overall length of just over six inches with a full tan. The 1.4116 stainless steel blade is approximately 2.8 inches long and has a Scandi edge. The knife has a very attractive, smooth blue-black micarta hilt held in place by two rivets. Lanyard hole provided. The red overlays add some contrasting colors.

The Kydex sheath holds the knife securely, yet provides quick access. The hollow sheath rivets are compatible with the Blade-Tech Tek-Lok belt mounts. If you choose to wear the knife on your belt. It is possible to thread the included red paracord with a lanyard through the strap in order to use it for other attachments. The cord is not long enough to wear around the neck, you will have to add a chain or cord to it.

This knife is a good option for those who prefer a sturdy yet small fixed blade knife. As is the case with many small fixed knives, instead of the usual full grip of the knife. You place the end of the handle in your palm and close it.

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