Neem Hydrosol water use and benefits

Neem Hydrosol water use and benefits

Medicinal benefits are attributed to the leaves of the neem tree. The leaves are useful for dental hygiene, and their antibacterial and antiviral properties make them useful for skin care recipes for eczema, ringworm, and other common skin infections. Natural mouthwashes may incorporate it (although it doesn’t taste great) into other hydrosol blends for better-tasting rinses.

Hydrosol waters can be used in lotions, creams, bath preparations, or directly on the skin, they provide mild tonic and skin-cleansing properties and are generally safe for all skin types. We manufacture our waters keeping in mind their therapeutic value for the skin and body, we do not sell our waters as fragrance additives – of course, all water will have a unique smell. Despite being mild in smell, others may find it offensive. This is due to the plant material from which they are steamed.

If you’re looking for a scent additive to your formulation that’s water based, I’d suggest checking out our Essential Water ranges instead of Hydrosol Water if you’re looking for a spot-on scent that blends in with essential oils. matches with. A pure essential water adds a fragrance to your formulation, while a hydrosol water is more focused on bringing benefits to your skin.

What is Neem Hydrosol?

Prepared from neem leaves, neem hydrosol is known for its versatile uses and benefits. Clean, herbal, and slightly green in scent, it can be used to create unique and exotic perfumes. The therapeutic properties of organic neem hydrosol make it ideal for use in skin care.

How does Neem work?

The ancient form of medicine called Ayurveda uses Neem to treat ailments such as asthma, constipation, cough, diabetes, ulcers, indigestion, gum disease, urinary tract infections, and others.

What happens in a hydrosol?

These hydrosols are derived from the distillation of fresh flowers, leaves, fruits, and other plant materials. They are a byproduct of the essential oil manufacturing process and share many of the same properties as essential oils, the difference being that hydrosols are mostly water.

Neem Hydrosol (Water) Benefits:

Spray/mist on Neem Hydrosol 3 times a day to cure skin rash – heat, insect bites, any skin rash due to fungal infection, itching and get relief.

1. Acne

Take 1 teaspoon neem hydrosol daily in the morning to purify the blood and mist the acne area after washing every morning and evening for quick recovery, neem is astringent and antiseptic in nature.

2. Eczema

Water acts as a tonic and facilitates healing and nourishing effect on the skin. Smear dry patches with Neem Hydrosol after application of the oil.

3. Chickenpox

 Neem water helps in relieving itching and lightens the marks. Mix 3 tbsp neem hydrosol in bath water and take bath, remove rashes after applying oil

4. Itching 

Apply 3-4 times a day on the itchy area and apply cream or oil to get relief from itching.

5. Dental problems

 spray the hydrosol into the mouth, keeping the liquid inside the mouth for at least 1 minute. Do not wash with plain water.

6. Sore Throat

Take one tablespoon of neem hydrosol and gargle for 30 seconds. Do not drink plain water on it. Do this 2-3 times a day and especially after meals.

7. Hair fall/dandruff 

After combing the hair, after washing the hair, take neem hydrosol and apply mist on the scalp. This will remove dandruff which is the major cause of hair fall and makes them strong.

8. Blood purifier

 Take one tablespoon of neem hydrosol and drink it every morning after dissolving it in a glass of water. Drink during the change of seasons for a month. It will improve the defense mechanism in the body thereby reducing the risk of disease in the body.

9. Immunity Booster

 Neem leaves with Neem flowers are excellent immunity booster, Neem Hydrosol distilled during the months of May-June is a mixture of distillation of both Neem flowers and leaves, 1 tablespoon of this hydrosol and a tablespoon of honey Mix and drink it with a glass of water.

10. Fungal infection

 For any kind of fungal infection in toe nails etc., apply neem hydrosol followed by neem cold pressed oil.

11. Vitiligo

 3 teaspoons of neem hydrosol with a glass of water for 3 months can start to cause pigmentation in the skin.

Use Neem Leaf [Hydrosol] Water-Arc as Tea Drops

Add about 1-2 teaspoons or 10-15 drops to a cup of hot/cold water or drink. And enjoy healthy tea packed with nutrients. Neem leaves are water soluble nutrients rich in neem leaves. This simple, quick and convenient way to make tea is by sticking to a regular routine of drinking neem tea at home and when you are on the go.

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