MS Dynamics NAV: Features And Benefits

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MS Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution that helps small and mid-size organizations in making their workflow easy on a daily basis. It provides assistance to finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chains, analytics, etc. in an organization. Also, this helps in productivity by cutting down the time of an organization in the work process. Furthermore, MS NAV is implemented and operated on the sites directly. MS Dynamics NAV helps in better planning their orders and deliveries, managing productions, and forecasting the demand. If your interest lies in acquiring knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Online Training then you should enroll in the course to boost your job options in the industry. You will stand out from your peers in the eyes of the interviewer.

Let’s discuss the components of the MS Dynamics NAV in detail as follows:

Major features of MS Dynamics NAV:

MS NAV is on the local server. It allows a smooth transition to the new dynamics. This MS NAV has some major features as:

  • Financial Management and Accounting- It gives the benefit of automation. This helps in generating the financial report on the given time period.
  • Service Management – The moment the sales of a product are complete, the service part comes into the role. Moreover, service is given to the customer on the purchase of a commodity such as a demo, service call, etc. to a customer. With the help of MS NAV, you can manage all the work efficiently.
  • Marketing and Sales- MS NAV helps in presenting the full lifecycle of the sales properly. In fact, the documents or the data can be converted. Although, the data in the sales process are usually interlinked.
  • Warehouse Management – In this, you need to plan the material requirement according to the needs. You should be able to manage, plan, store, buy and manufacture according to the customer demand. Therefore, all these activities which are ongoing in the warehouse can be easily managed with the use of MS Navision.
  • Business Intelligence/ Analytics – It provides you the ability to forecast and track the financial data of an organization. Also, it helps in the monitoring, customizing, automating, etc. the data.
  • Manufacturing – MS NAV helps in doing manufacturing work effectively. In manufacturing, there are various activities included such as the purchase of raw material, labor arrangement, bills related to the required machinery, etc. Also, it helps in the major work process of manufacturing like a plan, report, track, etc. correctly.

What are the benefits of the MS Dynamics NAV?


There is a huge benefit of the MS NAV. However, we will make you aware of them in detail:

  • MS NAV is an ERP solution that helps small or mid-size organizations.
  • It is very flexible to use.
  • However, this is very popular in the manufacturing, distribution, and service industry due to the extensive production industry.
  • It is an easy, user-friendly interface.
  • Moreover, NAV is capable of handling various currencies in around 40 languages.
  • Also, it uses the programming language C/AL for the proprietary.
  • It can customize your business perfectly.
  • In fact, there is various improvement in the NAV areas such as Business Intelligence, user interface, customization, etc.


The benefits, it provides to an organization enhance the quality and production per year. It also increases the revenue of the organizations. If you want to work as Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training in Noida then you should join the course which can help you enhance your skills. Indeed, the average salary of an MS Dynamics NAV Consultant is ₹6,08,890 in India. The salary changes according to the experience, locations, company financial status, etc.

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