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Having a pet is a big responsibility and a lifetime commitment. Giving Pet Care App to your pet ensures the bond between the two is strong and healthy. It’s over to us to

shower them with love,
provide regular check-ups,
feed them food,
out-of-door exercises,
or simply indulge them.

Happily, the unconditional love and joy that pets offer to our lives outweigh the fresh duty of adding them to our lives. With monkoodog, we try our best to help you with each step in pet care.

Following are the conditions that all responsible pet owners must give to ensure their pet’s health and good.

  • Grooming

1. How Can My Dog Enjoy Bathing?

Make bathing a comforting experience for your pet, so they do not run from it. Bathing your fluff chum formerly or doubly a month is generally sufficient unless they’re playing in slush or billabongs.

Bathing varies from breed to breed. Dogs with longer and double fleeces may need further regular bathing or indeed visits to a professional groomer.

2. Are Dog Shampoos Different from Human’s?

The pH balance of humans is slightly acidic while dogs have more neutral pH. To maintain this pH balance in dogs make sure to use pet-specific soaps and conditioners.

Through the whole grooming process, dental hygiene is the most neglected. Most doggies develop dental issues by the age of three if proper care isn’t taken. Brushing your pet’s teeth at least once a week can make a huge difference.

3. Why Is Trimming Nails Important for Your Dog?

Trim nails are one clear substantiation of your canine’s good health and cleanliness, and they’re an essential aspect of canine grooming. Also, long nails may get stuck on carpets or cabinet work, which might be ripped off. Faves with longer nails have a more challenging time walking.

If home grooming sessions are not going with your schedule, get an appointment through monkoodog. We have the best-trusted grooming centers just under a click.

Regular Exercise and Breaks

1. Why Does Your Dog Need Regular Exercise?

Exercise is one of the most important aspects of furnishing health to your pet. Regular exercise for your pet helps in keeping them nimble, eliminates hyperactivity inordinate barking, and gives them confidence.

It also boosts their resting habits and aids in gastric issues. Out-of-door walks, once a day, are veritably important. Stimulation in mystification games, obedience training, cost, and stick games can be given.

With monkoodog pet care app, we help you in finding the best dog trainers and walk walkers in your local area. We understand that sometimes it is hard to spend time with your dog due to hectic schedules. You can communicate with the trainers and walkers and keep track of your dog’s growth and development.

2. How Many Potty Breaks Are Necessary?

Remember, your pup cannot hold it for more than 6 hours. He needs bathroom breaks at least two times a day. It’s one of the important aspects of pet care to let your dog relieve themselves from time to time. Monkoodog pet care app, you can easily find a pet walker, which can make your job a little easier for walking your dog out for little breaks.

Health and Diet

  • To ensure that your pet stays active and healthy:
  • Take them for routine check-ups at least twice to a trusted veterinarian.
  • Keep records of their vaccinations and deworming boluses.
  • Look out for any signs and symptoms of any illness or complaint, take them to the sanitarium sooner than later.
Get Reminders of Your Pet’s Immunization Schedule

With the pet profiling feature on the monkoodog pet care app, you get reminders on the immunization schedule and other medication. You can schedule an appointment with the local veterinarians according to your needs. Monkoodog will find you the best.

It is crucial to feed them a healthy diet. One has to make sure that the food they are eating is full of the right nutrients and meets their body’s demand and forget the 24hr of freshwater availability. With a pet care app like monkoodog, you can look at the blogs and videos for more information on a suitable diet plan for your pup. The profiling of your pet also helps maintain a chart on the health.

Monkoodog Pet Care App

  • Socialization and Behavior
Socialization is very important, especially in the early stage of life. It has a direct impact on the behavior of your dog. For some of the dog breeds, early socialization is crucial as they may develop restricted behavior and even become self-centered. They need to know their place in the family, or otherwise, without socialization, they may think of themselves as the leader.

How Can You Boost Your Pet’s Confidence?

Cooped up in the house is not suitable for health for both owner and dog. Participation in fun pet events may also boost the confidence your pal might need.

Pet care app like monkoodog provides you a medium by which you and your pal can socialize with other fellow dogs and dog owners. You can chat with them and schedule a fun date in the park or a small walk.
Along with the pet pal finder, they also provide you with all sorts of information on the latest pet events or shows in which you can participate with your pal, favoring and strengthening the bond.

The companionship and love the pets shower on us should never be taken for granted. For what you give them, they multiply it double in return. With a digital platform like Monkoodog, pet care is fun and enjoyable. It broadens the horizon of pet care and banishes the limitations that pet owners once experienced. 

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