modern day online games

The most famous online games

The following are some of the modern-day online games:


Swords of Legends Online tells us about Chinese legends that you may already know about from movies, visual novels and other games. Unlike other representatives of the genre, this project has a complex combat system, and the player’s refuge, which he can improve, is a whole temple complex with an abundance of rooms and a picturesque garden (and all this can be change to your liking).

Otherwise, the mechanics of the genre are inherite – we explore an open fantasy world, fight mobs and sort things out with other users in PvP modes.



A co-op shooter with RPG elements from the creators of Gears of War and Bulletstorm, inviting a group of 3 to take part in bloody shootouts in the backyards of a dark fantasy world. The plot tells of mankind’s unsuccessful attempt to colonize the new planet Enoch, where people are face with a powerful energy storm that kills some and grants superpowers to others.

The Poles from People Can Fly manage to cleverly combine elements of a shooter and RPG – for example, players can create a character in one of 4 classes and upgrade abilities as they level up, as well as look for the best loot, and all this is combine with fierce and fast firefights in the best traditions of Gears of War.


VALHEIM (2021)


The 1 GB Survival Simulator achieved what big-budget AAA-level projects from the giants of the gaming industry could not – it quickly gained a huge audience, and users left over 185 thousand reviews on Steam in 2 months.

There are many reasons for success. Firstly, Scandinavian mythology is taken as the basis, and you survive from the face of a Viking on a huge island . Secondly, RPG elements are wove into the gameplay with passive skill leveling and boss killing . Thirdly, as a survival simulator, the game is rich in details and does not let you get bore even after tens of hours of playthrough.

You can play this miracle in multiplayer mode with an emphasis on cooperative play – with friends, surviving in the world of the Vikings is even more interesting.



Studio Hazelight, known for the cooperative action crazygames online A Way Out about the escape of two comrades from prison, decided to further develop in this genre, as can be seen from the release of It Takes Two . This co-op project got off to an even better start than their previous creation, and sees you and a friend discover the fairytale story of two lovers, Cody and May, who turned into ragdolls.

A touching and deep story awaits you, and the gameplay is stuff with puzzles , which will require the use of the unique abilities of the characters to solve. Gamers fell in love with the project at the start, which means this is a great opportunity to have fun.


NEW WORLD (2021)

New World is a fantasy sandbox MMO from Amazon Game Studios. The developers have chosen for their project a very unusual setting for the genre – North America during colonization. Players are present with a lively, realistic and very hostile world filled with aggressive creatures, including fantasy ones. The choice of who to be, how to develop and build colonies, the developers also left for the players best crazygames

New World has become one of the most popular MMORPGs of 2021, despite optimization problems and a small amount of content at launch.



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