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matrix fishing gear

The Matrix division was formed specifically for match and feeder fishing, whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner amateur. The main goal pursued by this company is to create practical things like Matrix fishing gear that will increase convenience on the shore, as well as help you fish regularly, regardless of fishing conditions.

Matrix history

Matrix is ​​a subsidiary of FOX, which was founded in 1967 and has grown in nearly 50 years from a small workshop in Essex to a leader in the global fishing industry with an official presence in over 30 countries. Over time, the guys at FOX decided to pay more attention to feeder and match tackle.

In a few years, Matrix has grown into a full-fledged brand, which has consultants from the best anglers in Europe, excellent tackle for catching white fish. Products from FOX Matrix differ in that it is modern equipment that meets all the requirements of even sports standards, and on ordinary fishing it will give you the highest aesthetic pleasure from using these beautiful rods, reels, platforms, chairs, lines, feeders and so on.

It is especially worth paying attention to Matrix boxes and accessories. They have been designed in such a way as to fully ensure the safety of the bait, if you need food, as well as conveniently store various accessories or bait during long fishing trips.

FOX Matrix Evolution

FOX Matrix Evolution feeder rods have been created using the most advanced engineering solutions. A very complex parabolic action allows you to confidently cast even the lightest feeders, while playing flawlessly on fish of any size, which is only possible to pull onto the feeder.

And of course we can’t help but talk about Matrix’s bestseller – their umbrellas, which are equipped with a patented instant installation mechanism and are the most reliable protection against bad weather in rain and wind videos!

The Matrix concept is simple

Designing and manufacturing equipment that enables anglers to catch more fish. Production of tackle of excellent quality, using innovative solutions that meet the requirements of modern fishing, the preferences of anglers.

When considering the new range of Matrix products, it is worth paying attention to the new products, which will be a great alternative to the old models. We call it new thinking. The changes affected the main product groups.

Carpmaster is a line of rods 

Carpmaster is a line of rods designed for match and feeder fishing on commercial waters. The blanks of the rods have a revolutionary design, excellent casting characteristics, a new solution to the problem of transportation using special holding holders that prevent damage to the blank.

Rod models have been produced since 2011. In a short time, they have gained immense popularity among anglers. The rod blanks are designed using the latest high modulus carbon fiber blank forming techniques.

A new comfortable handle design

The rods have a new comfortable handle design, which makes it easier not only to cast. But also to play the fish more comfortably. All feeder rods of this line have semi-parabolic action. This is achieved by connecting the quiver tip to the middle part of the rods. When using the thinnest tips, the load when playing the fish is redistributed to the main part of the blank.

Carpmaster feeder rods, depending on the models, are used for fishing at distances from 25 to 80 meters, using various feeder rigs. Including the “method”, for the most powerful rods.

The match rods of this series have a semi-parabolic action, which provides the rods with viscosity and good control of the fish when playing.

Horizon rods

Horizon rods are designed to achieve maximum casting distance using heavy rigs. These rods are designed for fishing on large bodies of water and rivers with strong currents. The power of the rods has been achieved through the use of new technology, the formation of a blank cone. The rods have a powerful butt, which smoothly passes into the middle part of the blank. It provides excellent casting of the rods.

The length of the rod parts has been increased compared to previous models. This is also achieved and an increase in the total length of the rods. Low profile guides can be used with both monofilament and braided lines. The rods are made of high modulus carbon fiber for excellent casting performance.

All in all

Almost all Matrix products are in-house developments. We offer our gear to solve specific problems that anglers face, for specific fishing conditions.


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