List of tasks to be carried out for a move?

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You have always dreamed of buying a new house, and you are thinking of moving soon. You have started packing all your things to prepare for moving day to save time. To help you in your move preparation, in this blog, we have compiled a list of tasks to be carried out in case there are specific details that escape you.

3 months before the move

This is a good time to establish the necessary budget for the move.

If you are a tenant, do not forget to inform your landlord or your agency in order to respect the notice period.

Notify your children’s school of your move and take care of the transfer of their files.

1 month before the move

Remember to report your change of address to the organizations concerned, such as the post office, the bank, and the insurance companies.

Send the subscription transfer request to the companies and services that deal with gas, electricity, internet, telephony, and water.

It would be best to get some protective packaging products, boxes, and tools. To do this, contact a professional to help you choose the boxes (size, thickness), the necessary tools: pair of scissors, tape, pair of gloves, markers, cutter, measuring tape, adhesive tape, pair of pliers, hammer, TV bag, rope, garbage bags, rags, cleaning products, rug storage bag, mattress moving cover. You can purchase protective packaging at an affordable rate from Britwrap.

2 weeks before the move

You can start packing things and things you no longer use in boxes. This is an opportunity to empty the basement, garage, and attic and get rid of everything you no longer use.

If you still have pending or overdue bills, now is the time to pay them.

1 week before the move

During this week, you should pack all your items in the boxes. Do it according to their usefulness. Put away everything that will no longer be useful to you: books, clothes, photos.

Place heavy objects at the bottom of the carton and number each carton to make them easier to unpack.

1 day before the move

Specially collect in a box everything you will need during the move and for the first day in the new house: water bottles, snacks, paper towels, toilet paper.

Pack meals that are portable for moving days.

Remind your friends of your departure time and take the opportunity to call a babysitter for moving day.

This is an excellent time to defrost the fridge and start cleaning all the rooms.

The day of your departure

You won’t have much to plan. Even if this day is stressful, keep calm. Get up earlier than usual to have enough time to get ready before the movers arrive.

  • Confirm meter reading after turning off water and electricity.
  • Go around the house to see if you and the movers have forgotten anything. Use your checklist.
  • Make the inventory with the owner.

Some practical advice

Take inspiration from this list to draw up your own in the form of checkboxes and print it. It will be more convenient because this way you won’t miss any important details. Do all the steps one by one and check each box once you complete a task.

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