Important Things To Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

scalp micropigmentation 

Have you recently undergone a hair transplant treatment with the strip method? If yes, then it probably leaves a visible scar behind your head. However, the visibility of a scar can contradict the appearance of your hair. But, the situation can be evaded permanently using an advanced tattooing technique. It is popularly known as scalp micropigmentation. Having a scar on the scalp would not let you keep the hair short. This would make the scar noticeable to others which could lead to overwhelmed situations. However, this is a non-surgical procedure that can conceal the scar effectively. Let’s take a look at the working of this amazing technique in the upcoming paragraph.

How Does SMP Work For Scarring Treatment?

This is the highly recommended treatment to hide visible scars that result from hair transplants. The procedure works with the pigmentation of the scar region with a dotted tattoo. This is not like the traditional tattoo process but has advanced technology to use. A professional hair surgeon would evaluate the scar length to determine the amount of concealment. With micro pigmentation of the scar and surrounding skin, the appearance of the scar will be like the hairs. However, it is necessary to know that the texture of the scar will not be affected by the scar treatment.

The Importance Of SMP Treatment

SMP is a popular cosmetic treatment that has been used by experts for several years. This is the finest treatment that can help you to get rid of hair loss and scars issues. You can get the treatment using needles and pigment colors that can match the scar to your skin color. After getting the procedure done, no one could judge that you have a linear scar behind the head. This procedure is highly functional since the scalp micropigmentation will never fade with time. You will have a permanent solution to the problem and can get it without any surgical experiment on the scalp.

Things To Know About SMP

It is pointless to mention that this method can prove really beneficial for you. It works drastically for reducing the scar with proper concealment using natural pigmentation. Furthermore, the treatment is pain-free usually and does not require any recovery. But, it is imperative to know that you might need regular touch-ups for retaining the effects of pigmentation. However, the results are permanent, but sometimes the pigmentation could become dull over time. So, with a normal touch-up, it will become new and fresh again. Another important thing in this context is the duration of the treatment. You must consider this treatment within six months after the hair transplant for scar concealment. This would deliver expected results more quickly and as per your unique requirement.

Important Guidelines Prior To SMP Treatment

If you keep making up your mind to undergo scar concealment treatment, then SMP is the best solution. But, before you get this treatment, you must look into some useful guidelines. It helps you to refrain from any problems and will deliver expected results. So, check these points below carefully.

You might require 3 to 4 sessions for SMP to attain longer results. However, the actual number of procedures required might depend upon the severity of the scar. The surgeon would first evaluate the scar to plan the treatment.

You are advised to take a shower before the scalp micropigmentation treatment. After the procedure, you will have to stay out of the shower for at least four days. This helps in settling the pigmentation properly into the scalp.

Each procedure of SMP can consume 4 to 5 hours, and each session must require an interval of a few weeks.

Aftercare Instructions For SMP

Like other hair transplant treatments, you must also obey aftercare instructions for SMP. This would help in attaining the desired outcomes with permanent results.

You will be advised by the surgeon to avoid swimming, sauna bath, and hot showers. This could erase the pigmentation, which will hamper the final results.

You must not expose your skin to sun heat for at least four days after treatment. This could result in an overheated scalp that can cause adverse results. You must try to defend your head from the direct sunlight for longer and superior pigmentation results.

To Sum Up

Scalp micropigmentation is a perfectly suitable cosmetic treatment for hiding the scar. It can best suit your scalp as per the unique treatment requirements. However, the procedure requires utmost precision and skill. So, you must get it done by a professional hair surgeon only. You can get a bespoke solution as per the scar severity to conceal it effectively. You will get assurance for the use of high-quality pigmentation by the professional SMP service provider.

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