Importance of Student Attendance Management System

Student Attendance Management System

Tracking student attendance is of great importance in schools, colleges, and educational institutions all over the world. It helps teachers to understand the average attendance of students each day in the school year, thereby helping avoid dropout rates. However, a manual teacher’s job is not easy; taking students’ attendance at multiple intervals in a day can be time-consuming and is a huge amount of paperwork. It reduces classroom teaching time and the productivity of the teacher. Any human error while tabulating attendance also leads to inaccurate results. There is also a high scope for manipulation of data by students.

Attendance Management Explained


Manual attendance management has its disadvantages – it is time-consuming and repetitive, which reduces the teacher’s availability to teach the students. This often leads to a situation where students are unaware of their attendance. It also leads to paperwork that could have been avoided if there was access to an automatic check-in system on the smartphone or tablet. 

The importance of tracking student attendance and understanding why it is a necessary component of quality education cannot be overstated. By making available to school leaders accurate and timely information on student attendance, you not only help them to tackle some of the most difficult issues facing our schools but also free them up to focus on the ultimate goal — producing graduates with the skills and competencies to succeed throughout their lives.

What is a Student Attendance Management System?

For schools, student attendance management is an integral part of the education system. It promotes discipline and time management. Student Attendance Management System is a cloud-based software that helps schools manage and monitor student attendance using RFID devices. It eliminates the pen and paper attendance marking process and promotes online attendance recording just with a click.

RFID technology enables students to scan their cards on RFID devices installed at the school entrance gate to mark their attendance. This data is automatically transferred to the software, which helps teachers keep track of students’ daily in-times and out-times.

The module also allows parents to monitor their child’s leave requests and track complete attendance reports from their mobile devices.

The system makes daily attendance hassle-free and frees up the teacher’s classroom time so that their only focus is on teaching and imparting knowledge to the students.

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Purpose of Student Attendance Management system in School

We’ll call it the Student Attendance Management System.

It is a necessity to maintain the attendance details of students online. This helps the schools and colleges to keep an accurate track of their students. In case of any error, they can edit the data easily using this system. This system will also help in improving the performance of students by informing them about their average attendance percentage through SMS or Email.

In this system, we’ll be able to do all these things:

– Keep track of student’s attendance automatically

– Calculate the average attendance percentage of the student at any point time in a session

– Send information about attendance percentage to parents via SMS/Email

– Notify students about their upcoming classes


Wrapping it up 


If used as a student attendance management system, eSchool will make the whole process of managing attendance easier, smoother, and more organized. In any school, better maintaining records is important for the overall development of the students. Using a student attendance management solution like Fedena will help schools do this efficiently.

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