How to Use Story To Grow Your Side-Hustle

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The power of story is one way to bring in customers. If you want your business to grow, it’s time for a little storytelling!

Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to grow your business with online side hustles. I’ll be focusing on how it can help motivate customers into action, and what you need for a successful story in order to make an impact with them.

Your product or service might not matter much if they don’t feel like there’s someone who cares enough about their needs; by telling personal stories that relate back to real life experiences (and then Grounding those abstract ideas), we humanize our brands while also creating empathy which increases brand loyalty because people want connection–whether it’s through social media posts where everyone seems air.

Start Building Your Origin Story

The more human you make yourself look, the better. A reader wants to see their own flaws in what they read about- just like anyone else! The perfect face can be a turnoff if it makes them feel too much removed from trusting whatever story or advice comes next…

When you’re in the shower, washing your hair and getting ready for work or school – think about how many times a day we touch our skin with something. It might be to scratch an itch that just won’t go away, but more likely it’s because of habit: brushing teeth after breakfast; patting down dry shampoo onto stubborn locks at night time… But what happens if all these actions are done without thinking? Will they still feel satisfying enough until someone says “ouch” seconds later when he reaches his hand towards yours while grabbing toast from behind closed doors?!

Starting your origin story collection is a way to put yourself in the shoes of other people who have overcome obstacles. George Washington had an absent father and found success as our country’s first president, while another man overcame his addictions by starting every day with exercise; both achieved what they set out to do despite their struggles throughout life!

Origin stories are the best way to make your mark in this world. You have one story that nobody can copy, and when people see how you became who you are they will want what YOU offer instead of somebody else’s version! Think about it–what would worlds be like without superheroes?

I bet we all agree: Without our favorite superheroes (or heroines) life would not half so much fun…

Collect Mundane Stories Once You’ve Exhausted All Others

What’s your favorite story? I love to hear an interesting one from someone else. What are some of the best stories that have ever happened in real life or on TV, films and books!?!

Don’t worry about how you’ll use these stories or whether a certain one has merit. The curation and marketing come later!

I started this project by collecting only ten for my entire life but now I have over two hundred logs worth of personal experiences to draw from when making decisions on which ones are most worthwhile sharing with others who might be interested in hearing them too.

The process is easier for me because I have a lot of stories from my past to draw on. Yours will come too, but you might find it more difficult since the details are less clear in your mind right now – at least according to how many memories there were when this all started!

How Will Stories Grow My Side-Hustle?

The most powerful way to grow your business is through storytelling. Stories are easy for people in any niche or industry to remember, share with others and pass on as they help those touched by it become even better at what they do than before being impacted!

The best way to get people talking about your story is by telling it yourself. Share what happened, use words like “I” and “me.” You become the person who overcame this big hurdle – even if they haven’t gone through exactly same experience as you!

What Makes for A Great Origin Story?

  • Any triumphant story, from humble origins to a great conclusion.
  • Early struggles of some kind
  • A triumphed over the opposition.
  • overcoming obstacles that most people are unable to overcome
  • Getting through an illness
  • Overcoming a traumatic experience from childhood
  • Leaving a job to start your own business
  • After failing dozens of times, you finally meet your love
  • Creating and sticking to a rigorous training programme for yourself.
  • Winning a competition that no one expected you to win.

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