How to Export Gmail to PST Manually

How to Export Gmail to PST Manually

Summary – Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients among other alternatives. But sometimes users want to export Gmail to PSTmailbox so as to secure their data from any cyber attack. Hence, in this article, I am going to share effective techniques to export Google mail to PST files. Before revealing the procedure of this technique let us first have an overview of Gmail and PST format.

Overview of Gmail and PST File

Gmail is basically a free cloud-based email client that offers advanced functionalities to its users. A Gmail user alongwith a basic mailing facility also has access to Google Docs, Google Sheets, Hangout, etc. It is a very in-demand email client which provides 15 GB of storage space to its users. Whereas PST or Personal Storage Table is a file format used by MS Outlook to store data of its users. Now, let us check some causes of transferring Gmail emails to PST files.

Responsible Factors to Export Gmail to PST File 

  • PST files are easy to transfer from one system to any other hard drive or external hard drive.
  • Users can access their PST data without server or internet connectivity. 
  • Gmail stores your data in cloud storage and which includes the risk of cyber threat or crack. So, if you have a backup of your data then you always use it without any risk.
  • PST files can also be protected by setting a password. This will prevent any unauthorized access to your data. 

These are some of the reasons why users want to export Gmail to PST. Therefore, it is essential on the part of users to know the various methods to download Gmail emails to PST. Here, I am discussing the methods one by one alongwith the steps of execution.

Methods to Export Gmail Emails to PST

There are two methods to export Gmail as PST. The first method is manual other one is an automated technique. In the manual procedure, a user must have the good technical knowledge to perform the DIY technique or you can opt for the professional Gmail to PST export tool. 

Manual Method to Export Gmail Mailbox to PST File

To perform the manual methodology, you can refer to the steps that are given below and execute the technique.

  • Go to the browser and visit –
  • Now, the Google Takeout page will appear.
  • Here, unselect all the options and choose your preferred option for export.
  • After that hit on the Next step option and choose the file option as per your requirements.
  • Now you have to download Gmail emails in the File Type option. Here, you can choose ZIP or TGZ.
  • Set the periodicity to export emails from your account.
  • Select the Create Export button to move further.
  • At last, you can see the update of your export process.

With the help of these steps, you can export Gmail to PST manually. But the manual technique has some drawbacks that you must be aware of before proceeding with this technique.

Disadvantages of Manual Method

  • The DIY technique is lengthy and requires extra effort to complete the process.
  • Technical skill is necessary for performing the manual process of mail migration.
  • While transferring manually, there lies a risk of data loss or misplacement.
  • This approach does not facilitate users to backup incoming emails from your mailbox.

Thus to overcome the above difficulties of manual technique it is suggested to opt for the effortless professional tool like DRS Gmail Backup Tool or MigrateEmails Gmail Backup Tool.

These softwares are smart tools that enable users to perform their tasks efficiently. 

Professional Method to Export Gmail to PST File

The best technique to export Gmail to PST is by using MigrateEmails Gmail Backup Tool. It is an innovative tool that contributes users to backup and converts Gmail into multiple file formats. Additionally, it can also export Gmail data to several other email clients like AOL, Yahoo, Office 365, Thunderbird mail, etc. The application is very handy to use and takes proper care of your data. It is safe, reliable, and can be installed in any version of Windows. 


This write-up explains the different benefits of exporting Gmail into PST format. Apart from that, two techniques to export your Gmail data are also mentioned. Thus, users are recommended to go through the guide carefully and choose the most appropriate method for this task.


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