How to draw Charizard Pokémon

How to draw Charizard Pokémon

How to draw Charizard Pokémon

Draw an excellent Charizard with drawing instructions lightly and step by step and a tutorial. Ideal for children and beginner artists!

Pokémon has been popular with children, adolescents, and adults since its publication of video games in 1996 and the beginning of the animation series in 1998. The character Charizard gives this exciting world a fascination of several centuries of humanity for dragons. To draw your own Charizard, follow this simple drawing tutorial. You require a portion of the paper and something you can draw. You can also use pens, colored pens, or markers to color your work.

The new lines are highlighted in every illustration. Draw your lines easily at the beginning because you will delete a lot to complete your drawing. Are you ready to start your Pokémon adventure? Charizard, I choose you!

Drawing a Charizard

Step 1:

First, draw a small circle in the middle of your side. It will form the head.

Step 2:

Then draw two high-curved lines on the head. These will form the horns.

Step 3:

Start with the detailing of the face by drawing a vertical curved line in the middle of the circle and two other curved lines to the right of the circle.

Step 4:

Form the mouth by expanding a curved line from the bottom of the circle and connecting it with the curved line you have drawn on the good side of the circle. Draw another curved line at the rear of the mouth.

Step 5:

To form the jaw, draw a curved line from the base of the left horn at the top of the mouth.

Step 6:

Delete the leadership lines. It includes the original circle and the line that crosses the mouth.

Step 7:

Draw the neck. Draw two main lines that rise from the bottom of the head and then connect them to a shorter curved line.

Step 8:

Draw an almost circular shape under the neck. It will form the body.

Step 9:

Sketch in the arms and legs. The left-arm consists of two curved lines that stretch out of the body. The right arm is drawn with four curved lines that cut the body and neck. Draw two curved lines for the lower legs.

Step 10:

Draw a ring at the back of per arm. It will form the hand. Connect both sides of the leg for each foot with a curved tuber line.

Step 11:

Draw three claws on each foot. To draw a claw, extend two curved foot lines. Connect the cables to the other end with a short corner line. Each nail looks like a curved triangle with a rounded basis.

Step 12:

Draw three claws on each hand. Start every foot by drawing a curved line that begins outside the hand circle, turns outside, and ends in a circle. Then draw a second shorter curved line from the middle point of the first and end in a process. Finally, connect the ends of two lines with a short and curved line. Also, draw a curved line in the hand’s middle to add details.

Step 13:

Draw the tail by expanding a curved leg and foot line and meeting once. End the bottom by adding another curved line between body and foot.

Step 14:

Draw a curved line on the left side of the body on the right leg. It describes the belly. Start on one side of the tip of the tail and draw an agricultural and crushed line. End the streak on the other side of the tail tip.

Step 15:

Draw the wings. Expand a wavy line of the shoulders and curve pages to the outside and below for each branch. Draw a similar wavy line under the first. Draw the eye with two curved lines. Draw two short lines and curves for the nose at the top of the mouth and draw a long wavy line over the left nostril. Draw a triangular tooth on the edge of the mouth.

Step 16:

How to draw Charizard Pokémon

Draw a curved “M” shape to connect each wingtip to the back. In detail, the wings with two vertical curved lines each.

Step 17:

How to draw Charizard Pokémon

Calculate your Charizard. To dye it in a classic style, they shade their orange body, wings and sarcelle eyes, light yellow belly, and bright yellow flame tail. The claws can stay white.

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