How to draw a baseball

 How to draw a baseball

 How to draw a baseball

Learn to draw an excellent baseball with easy and cool drawings instructions and step-by-step and a video tutorial. Now you can easily create a magnificent baseball drawing. Baseball call “the great American hobby.” The ball has a rubber or cork center wrapped in wire. Then it is covered with two leather or plastic strips in the form of peanuts. These bands are sewed together in a model in Figure eight. Did you know? The cable in baseball can have a mile in length. Baseball seams have more than aesthetic value.


High seams cause drag when the ball is thrown, which in turn causes the ball to curve on its way in the air. The pitcher can choose the approach and rise of the curve by the way the ball is thrown. Baseball was invented in the nineteenth century. At that time, all the balls were handcrafted, usually by the baseball players themselves, and the variations in size, weight, and rebound were common.


Factories began producing baseball balls in 1858. Over the years, differences and modifications create, allowing the balls to last longer and get more thoroughly. Today, baseball bullets are made following specific standards so that the performance is generally. Unlike other sports, if baseball hits the stands, they often keep the lucky fan that recovers it. These can become collectible if they affect by a famous player or during a historical game. Balls sign by players like Babe Ruth are also in memories. Do you want to draw a baseball? This simple tutorial and step-by-step is there to help you. All you require is a pencil, a pen or a marker and a sheet of paper.


Drawing a baseball

Step 1:

Start drawing a circle to describe your baseball.

Step 2:

Draw a curved line inside baseball with the circle at both ends. The line must enclose approximately a quarter of the space within the circle. This line indicates a baseball seam.

Step 3:

Sketch another curved line on the different sides of the baseball, creating a mirror image. It indicates the second baseball seam.

Step 4:

Draw two short parallel lines, curves, which extend from the seam. Allow you to connect to the end, surrounding a curved shape. Then extend two other lines on the opposite side of the seam. It is a mirror image of the first, forming the shape of an arrow tip when seen together. Repeat this pattern along the seam. These lines form the points that baseball keeps together.

Step 5:

Continue drawing points until you cover the sewing length. Use parallel lines to form a tip pattern through the seam for each point.

Step 6:

Start drawing points along the seam on the other side of the baseball. For each point, turn on curved shapes on each seam side using short lines.

Step 7:

Continue drawing points along the baseball seam.

Step 8:

Draw additional points along baseball seams until the seams are completely cover with points.

Step 9:

 How to draw a baseball

Add a dimension to your baseball by drawing long curved lines parallel to the outer circle. It gives the ball an appearance of three dimensions and round.

Step 10:

 How to draw a baseball

Color your baseball. In our example, we shade the ball in brown to look like early leather baseball or those that have been well used and covered with dust. Classically, baseball balls are white with red seams. Others used in training or children’s games can be bright yellow or various other colors.

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