How to Create a Powerful First Image with a Silver Foil Box

silver foil box

Legacy Printing is the best place to get silver foil boxes as per your requirement at an economical price. Our brand knows that the market competition is exceeding day by day. And that is why to help all the brands in terms of packaging. We are providing them with perfect boxes that can win the hearts of the public in a fraction of a second. The following are the reasons why any brand should choose us to get packaging boxes for their aesthetic products.

Top-quality packaging:

We try our best to create good quality boxes so that whatever product one wants to pack inside, they can do it spontaneously. The Silver Foil Box that we supply to our customers is made from cardboard material and is quite strong enough to save your commodities from damage or loss. Not only another amazing fact is that we serve these top-notch boxes at an economical price that any brand can afford easily.

Imprint your company’s logo:

Legacy printing not only creates packaging boxes, but we can also imprint your company’s logo elegantly by using various printing techniques. One of our famous printing techniques is foil printing.

We can use this technique on any paper, but it works smoothly on kraft paper of any colour. And the best part is that we can print the company’s logo on the Silver Foil Box by using any color of your choice. So that your name is prominent on the box and looks appealing as well. Some of its trending color options are:

  1. Gold foil
  2. Silver foil
  3. Rose golds and copper foil
  4. Holographic foil (it looks best on a black paper box)

Emboss instructions on the boxes:

If any brand wants us to emboss instructions related to their products on the packaging boxes, then we will surely provide them with this service. As we know, the importance of instructions on the boxes can help the customers in self-servicing. That is why we label the Silver Foil Box in a way, so they are readable to the audience. But for this service customers have to contact us, briefly tell us about their essentials and then according to that we will emboss the instructions.

Customization option:

Our brand can give customization options to their clients. By using this option, one can get Silver Foil Box as per their taste. In simple words, by using the customization option, people can tell us their requirements related to box shape, size, and designs, and then we can create boxes according to your demand. For this option, usually, people have to pay an extra amount, but still, this amount is bearable as compared to other firms providing a similar option at a large price. Whatever shape and size you want, our brand will work on it as a team and give you amazing suggestions as well so that you can get the best boxes for wrapping your products.

Our company believes that the first impression is the last and that is why we put efforts into the boxes so that a first great impression is created on the people as soon as they look at your brand’s boxes. Perfect packaging can always provoke the public to buy the products of your brand, which is why one has to choose any brand carefully to get a Silver Foil Box in bulk quantity.

Selection of perfect shape and size:

We choose the best shape and size for the packaging boxes after getting the details about the products that our clients want to pack inside. The sizes of the boxes vary from small to large depending upon the size of the product. If one wants to pack a small good like makeup essentials, then we create boxes of small size as well and vice versa.

Now, if we come to the shape of the Silver Foil Box, then let me clear to you that we modify the shapes according to the latest trends while keeping the convenience of users in mind also. So that when people buy their desired goods from their favourite shop, they find it easy to unbox the goods, and after using them, they can repack them as well. All these qualities make any packaging box a favourite of the customers, and many times they buy the product because of the elegant packaging ways.

Aesthetic designs on the boxes:

The Silver Foil Box is quite appealing to human eyes, but our brand tries to enhance its beauty by adding unique designs to the boxes. The designs can depend upon the product or the choice of the clients. We print the designs by using amazing printing techniques and equipment. Some of the design ideas are following:

  1. On food boxes, we can print food pictures that can increase temptation in the audience
  2. For makeup boxes, you can prefer a makeup picture
  3. On a popcorn bag, you can print popcorn images

If you want a design that can complement all types of products, then you can consider the following:

  1. Floral designs
  2. Stamp printing
  3. Black and white printing
  4. Line designing
  5. Balloon designs

Whatever design you want also depends on the size of the box so that the design is not bigger than a box. If this happens, then the box can look clumsy instead of pretty. Our brand will consider all the facts and figures before creating these boxes.

A Silver Foil Box can be coated or not?

One of the most frequently asked questions from our firm is that can we coat Silver Foil Box or not. Then let me make it very clear that we provide a coating facility to our customers as the coating can protect their box designs and label from excess water. But coating is an expensive task, so one should have a considerable amount of money if they want to avail themselves of this amazing option.

Some of the coating options are:

  1. Matte coating
  2. Glossy finishing
  3. Spot gloss coating
  4. 3D finishing

Our services:

Now let us talk about the services of our company that we provide to our respected clients at an economical price:

  1. We provide 24/7 services to our clients and try our best to answer all the queries related to packaging.
  2. Our employees will assist all the customers in the best way so that these people can become our regular clients
  3. Premium quality material is used to create packaging boxes
  4. We will complete your order in a maximum of 5 to 8 days, depending on the size of your order, and deliver it to your doorstep as soon as the order is completed
  5. Our clients are our priority, so we deal with them very nicely. They can either visit us in person or contact us online through email. We will respond to our customers as soon as we receive any email.


So, all the details related to our company and the Silver Foil Box are mentioned in this article and are enough to guide you, but still, in any case of confusion, you can contact us.


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