How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

Disposable vapes indeed sound easy to handle and portable devices. Low-maintenance and convenient devices are tempting over all the others. But the sad part is that their life is short, and you have to discard them after they become useless. So, you have to purchase a new one every few weeks.

But despite all this, disposable vapes like Elux legend 3500, Elf bar lost mary are widely used and well-appreciated. They are the perfect devices for those who want a hassle-free and smooth vaping experience. This blog will shed light on how long should you hit a disposable vape. There are many factors that determine this, and we will describe them briefly.

Number of Puffs:

The number of puffs offered by a device usually indicates how long you will be able to use that vape kit. It all comes down to how many puffs you take in a day. If you take a lot of puffs in one day, the puffs offered by the device will be depleted at a faster rate.

Coil and Wick Life:

Frequent puffing without any break can destroy the vape coil. It would be best to take a few seconds gap between each puff so that the coil does not get overheated and burn the wick. A burnt coil and wick lead to a dry hit. A dry hit is unpleasant and leaves a harsh feeling in your throat that might last a while.

In disposable vapes, it might get annoying if the coil gets burnt at the start. Because you can not replace the coil in them, you will have to discard the whole device even if the e-liquid and battery are still functional. That is why you should use your vape device carefully.

Battery Capacity:

A disposable vape’s battery must be high quality and long-lasting. If the battery gives in at the very start, the remaining e-liquid becomes useless, and you can not even use that e-liquid somewhere else.

Throwing away the whole device with e-liquid still present in the tank can be heartbreaking, and it is not eco-friendly either. A large capacity battery will stay with you till the end, and that is why you should pay attention to the quality and capacity of the battery before buying a vape kit.

Role of Vaping Styles:

Vaping styles also play an important role in determining the life of your disposable vape kit like Elf bar 1500 Mainly two vaping techniques are widely used: sub-ohm vaping and plus-ohm vaping. The life of the vape coil and the battery will vary depending on the style you choose.

A coil with less than 1-ohm resistance is used in sub-ohm vaping, which takes higher battery power to heat. This drains the battery at a faster rate and decreases the life of your vape battery. So, in sub-ohm vaping, you can hit your disposable vape less than usual.

Affect of E-liquid Choice:

The flavours present in the e-liquid tend to affect the life and efficiency of the coil. Sweeter flavours clog the coil more often and decrease the quantity of vapours produced. Vape juices containing more VG proportions also destroy the coil faster as VG is more viscous than PG.

You can use your disposable vape until one of the components does not get destroyed. As it is an electronic device, you need to use it carefully, or you will ruin it. It might look bothersome, but they are just small things that you can easily notice and keep in mind. Hopefully, this information was helpful for you.

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