Enjoyable Outdoor Games To Play At The Park With Children

games to play at the park

Taking them to the park may not be tough, but leaving them to their own devices won’t be much fun once there. This often leads to them engaging in undesirable activities simply for the sake of having something to do. Plan ahead of time and look for interesting activities that you can all do together to engage your children. Here are some enjoyable outdoor games to play at the park with children:

  1. Frozen Tag

One person must be “it,” and everyone else must flee from him. When the “it” player makes any kind of contact with another player, that player becomes frozen and unable to move. Only another player can unfreeze the person by crawling through the frozen player’s legs. The game continues until “it” succeeds in freezing everyone.

  1. Hot and Cold

This game is played with a small object such as a button or a small ball. While everyone else turns away and closes their eyes, one person must hide the chosen object somewhere. While the others are seeking, the hider is permitted to provide them with cues such as “warm,” “cold,” and “hot,” with “hot” indicating proximity to the concealed object and “cold” indicating distance.

  1. Ship Captain Games For The Park

You’ll need to make something to serve as the ship for this game for the park. This can be a large picnic mat or blanket large enough to accommodate all of the children playing, or it can be a dedicated place, such as the sandbox at the playground. Next, teach everybody what orders are, such as “Run to the ship!” in which situation everyone must run to the ship; “Hit the deck” in which case everyone must lie on their stomachs; “Port” in which case every one should run to the left; or “Starboard” in which case every one should run to the right, and so on.

Anyone who commits a mistake is eliminated, but they can still play by turning into sharks who tag people. Once you have one or two “sharks,” you can add “Shark attack” to your list of orders. The sharks try to “attack” everyone in the “water” by tagging them while everyone runs to the “ship.”

  1. Chain Tag

When the “it” person catches someone, they must join hands and pursue the remaining players. Anyone who is caught becomes another link in the chain. When the chain is complete, the game is over, and there are no more players to chase.

  1. Hide-and-Seek

Everyone knows how to play hide and seek, but in case you don’t, here’s how to get started. Everyone will have to hide, and save the person who is “it.” Whoever “it” is will have to search for the rest of the group. Only when everyone has been found does the game come to a close.

  1. Can of Sardines

This is a different variant of “hide-and-seek” in that just one person hides while everyone else seeks. When someone finds the hider, instead of calling him out, they must join him and hide from everyone else. When the last person finds the “Can of Sardines,” the game is declared over.

  1. Tug of War

Split everyone into two-person teams and put them evenly on opposing sides of the rope. Keep the weakest and younger kids in the center and the stronger players on the outer ends. Make a mark on the ground to indicate where the boundary is. Each team will have to try as hard as they can to pull the other team across the line.

  1. Outdoor Bowling

Use sand to fill some cans and use them as bowling pins. To knock them down, use a ball, such as a small basketball or tennis ball. Keep track of your scores and have fun bowling outside. Bottles filled with water could be used to play this game.

  1. Badminton Popular Parks Games To Play

Badminton is one of the popular parks games to play that combines a net, shuttle, and rackets. Players use their rackets to hit the badminton shuttle to the opposite side of the net. The opposing team receives a point if the shuttle lands on the ground. The winner is the first person to reach 21 points.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Give everybody a list of items to collect from the park and a bag to put them in. Whoever collects everything on the list first wins.

To make it more entertaining and psychologically hard for the youngsters’ park game to play, compose a list of riddles, such as: “I am not grass, but I am also green; I am what makes tree branches appear hidden.”

The solution is a “Leaf” or “leaves,” thus your child will need to collect some in the bag.

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