8 Tips to Enhance Student Engagement in Classes

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Engaging students in their learning is of major importance in the field of education. Students are prone to get distracted during lectures. Even minor things can distract their attention away from lectures. This is especially apparent when classes are online. The absence of contact in person between students and teachers can cause students to become distracted. Therefore, teachers must ensure that their class is engaging and enjoyable.


There are numerous ways to boost the engagement of students within virtual classes. However, before we do that, we must be aware of what is student engagement.


What is Student Engagement?


The engagement of students in learning is simply the amount of attention to, participation in, and interest students display during lectures. Also, it is the ability of students to engage in learning and actively be able to absorb what you’re teaching. Engaging students in learning increases enthusiasm and development in students. There are three kinds of engagement among students:




Students are emotionally connected to their teachers and their classmates. Engaged students engage with each other and stay focus during lectures.




Behavioral engagement is when students are actively involved in the class and follow the instructions of their teachers. They also appear to be doing their homework and assignments punctually.




In the process of learning, students are taught to by asking hard questions in order to gain knowledge over time.


What Makes Student Engagement Important for Virtual Learning?


No matter if it’s an offline or online class, engaged and active students enhance the class. The academic performance of students is related to the degree of engagement students have in their learning. This helps students get higher grades and inspires them to take on more tasks. Like we said earlier that distractions are higher when students are in online classes than in offline classes. If students are enrolled in classes via their smartphones There is a great chance that they will be distracted. This is why engagement with students is crucial for online classes. Teachers need to come up with new concepts to keep the class active. Teachers should also ensure that all students are actively participating in class activities. If you’re wondering what you can do to increase the engagement of students in their education, we’ve been there for you.


Here are 8 effective strategies for increasing student involvement in their learning.


8 Strategies to Increase Students’ Engagement in Virtual Learning

Although there are a lot of ways to increase student engagement, these eight strategies are affordable and easy to implement.


Use Online Engagement Tools

Finding the right web-based engagement software is the very first step that teachers need to make. They are software for education that is designed to boost the engagement of students. One of these tools is TutorShell. The tool is comprehensive and contains all the essential features to keep students interested. Teachers can make use of the tools to supervise students to facilitate teaching.

Encourage Discussion and Participation

Discussion and participation are the best methods of increasing the engagement of students. Teachers need to discover ways to get students to engage and talk to each other. These discussions are small enough to make students feel appreciated. Teachers can form smaller groups with students to reflect on an issue they’ve been discussing. Teachers may also ask students to review their work or assignments with their peers. Students in each group are able to summarize their discussions before the class. These are easy ways to make each student actively involved in classroom activities.

Provide Simple Projects

Working with students on an assignment is among the most effective ways to keep them entertained. Students can utilize the whiteboard online to communicate with their group members from any location. However, the level of engagement of the students will depend on the subject that is assigned to them. Teachers should ensure that the assignment is brief and straightforward. This will allow students to become comfortable with projects and collaborate. Teachers must also ensure that everyone is actively involved in the project. It is possible to ask students to create a written report to keep track of their progress and their performance for every student. Teachers can also utilize the concept-based approach to enhance the student’s engagement in learning

Invite students to share and then Present

Just teaching the content and then ending the lecture might not suffice. Modern education requires new and innovative methods. In the case of the former students might or may not be attentive to the lecture. They might not be interested when they’re not listening to the class. Therefore, teachers may request one student to report back on a task assignment or homework. Students are expected to be able to share their screens and display their work to all of the class. This will keep all the students attentive and alert being aware of the possibility of being called upon to speak.

Use Multimedia

The sharing of study materials in PDFs or other documents can make students bored. Students can learn about concepts by studying videos and pictures. Additionally, videos and pictures are more appealing to students than notes written. Teachers can make use of brief films, PowerPoint presentation, GIFs, and memes to keep their students entertained. Teachers can also make use of these multimedia files during classes to help students reengage. It would be fantastic when these multimedia files are linked to educational topics. If that is the situation, students would show more interest in learning and comprehending the subject.

Conduct Fun Quizzes

Another method to keep the lecture engaging is to have tests. Teachers can organize entertaining quizzes for students to keep them entertained and increase their understanding while doing so. All you need to do is make small groups and then ask the students to gather in groups. Any member of the group is able to speak up to indicate the correct answer. Teachers can award points for correct answers and subtract points for incorrect answers in order to make the test more challenging. However, it is important to take the quizzes in a variety of subjects from the academic world and general knowledge. It is also possible to assess the student’s knowledge through regular quizzes.

Create Resources Easily Accessibly

If the resources aren’t easily accessible to students, they will show less enthusiasm for studying. Students must be able to get study materials quickly and easily from any place. Therefore, teachers must make use of appropriate educational software so students are able to easily navigate to access their materials for class. Edisapp will also ensure that all materials are accessible in one place. Teachers should ensure that the study materials are labeled and organized to avoid confusion between students. It allows students to study independently and encourages an optimistic attitude toward learning.


Regular Feedback

Feedback is the most effective way to measure progress and grow rapidly. Teachers must make time to offer students feedback on their performance frequently. Teachers can, too, utilize Edisapp to connect with students at any time with ease. Feedback can also help you assess the level of engagement students have with you during your lectures. It is also important to collect feedback from students regarding your lecture. This will allow you to determine how well your class is being followed and areas to improve. In addition, prompt responses from teachers can help students correct their mistakes and move on to the next task in a hurry.



I hope you’ve understood the significance of increasing student engagement with remote learning. The best method to make it better is to invest in a robust app like Edisapp. It offers a variety of ways to improve student participation in their learning, as discussed above. It is designed specifically for teachers to efficiently manage online classes.


As you can see, the education system is becoming more digital. Every school should be equipped with the latest technology and strategies to stay afloat. Students who are engaged and motivated are the most important thing in every classroom. We’ve already talked about different methods to increase students’ engagement in online classes. Now all you have to do is a change to Edisapp and increase the standard in your learning.


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