Developing A On-demand Mobile App Like HomeAdvisor Home Improvement App For Your Business

HomeAdvisor Clone

In our daily lives, we often need repairs in our home. It can be as basic as fixing a broken tap and as complex as installing an air-conditioning/heating system. For any of these, we need a professional home advisor, improvement services. Well, calling service repairing a store and getting it done might be a viable option but a costly one. Having a home improvement app can be a blessing in such a situation. Witnessing the daily woes of the homeowners be it is carpentry work, electrician, plumbing, painting, or similar getting the right resource was difficult and that why developing an app like HomeAdvisor Clone makes sense.

Quick Tour Of HomeAdvisor Clone Home Improvement App

Just like the HomeAdvisor app, this home improvement app will have a similar look and working pattern so that your users can easily avail themselves of the services and make payments in a hassle-free manner. Here is a quick tour of how the HomeAdvisor Clone App is all about:

  • Like said earlier, it will have a similar working pattern. Thus the clone app will connect the service contractors and homeowners.
  • The home service contractors are listed onboard after being verified and a thorough background check. 
  • The app will feature several home service contracting, renovation, maintenance, and repairing categories and sub-categories for the users to avail themselves accordingly.
  • The HomeAdvisor Clone App lets your user compare the service quality and pricing and schedule their work under complete flexibility. 
  • The app category listing offers estimated pricing and once confirmed it allows the users to pay directly from the app using multiple payment methods

Choosing HomeAdvisor Clone App Business Model

Now finding the home improvement service contractors is no more a hassle. With an app like HomeAdvisors, the platform serves as a bridge connecting contractor service providers to users. Building HomeAdvsior Clone app can be a profitable model by implementing the below-mentioned monetization practices:

Subscription fees

Often known as membership fees, the users are charged with small subscription fees that let them avail themselves of the premium list of categories and avail the services. Also, there are other perks like service provided on priority, lesser fees, more promo discounts, and deals.

Banner ads

You can monetize your app by putting banner ads from 3rd party service providers. 

Transaction fee

You can charge a small fee for the incoming lead to a service provider as well as charge them for the services they are booked.

Essential Features Of HomeAdvisor Clone App 

Quick social media login

Allows your user to register and login via social media id/phone number/ email id


Shows your customer the entire categories and sub-categories to avail the services

Advanced search 

The advance search feature allows the user to narrow down their search in terms of price, location, feedback/ratings

Service bookings

The app lets the user add the services to the cart quickly, filling up the location and other necessary details


The feature sends immediate notification upon confirming the service requests. Additionally, it helps in reaching out to the masses for any special announcements, promo deals and discounts, etc.

In-app chat

It allows the service provider and user to connect for any queries regarding services, reaching to the location, etc.

Ratings and reviews

The app allows the users to provide feedback and rating on the services availed and experience using the HomeAdvisor Clone App, thus enhances app performance working on negative feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not technical savvy entrepreneurs, but wish to develop the HomeAdvisor clone app, how can you guys help?

Well, it’s easy. You can share your concept and ideas with us and for that, you don’t have to be a technical person. The app development team will be guiding you through ensuring that your app is developed and launched successfully.

Since you clone other apps as well, is my idea safe with you?

Yes, absolutely. NDA’s is signed with the clients that ensure to not disclose their identities and ideas to anyone. Once provided with the licensed source code the clone app becomes their product bearing no rights of the app development company. Therefore your clone app identity is completely safe. 

Will my app scale if we expand with thousands of customer base?

The HomeAdvisor Clone App product is built on the latest technology, making it the most scalable product of the time. Thus you need not worry, it can scale your business expectations glitch-free.

Would you handle my app submission on App Store/ Play store if we develop a clone app from you?

Yes, sure we make sure that your HomeAdvisor Clone App solution is developed and installed successfully in the Play Store/ App Store.

Will you support my clone app once it goes live?

Ideally, the app development company offers technical support and bug support for a year after the purchase. 

Building an app like HomeAdvisor should not be only user-friendly but, it requires having dynamic features from which users find it extremely easy and quick selecting the services. 

In this busy world, where people do not have time to look up to fix, remodel or rebuild things in their home. Having an app like the HomeAdvisor home improvement app can be the best thing to enter in an on-demand market, multiplying your profits by bringing all types of service contractors under the same platform. 

To develop a proficient HomeAdvisor Clone App, get in touch with an app development company that helps you build a white-label source code at a very economical price. Additionally, if you wish to expand further in an on-demand market you can buy Deliver All, Gojek Clone App as well as Delivery King on-demand apps that are designed specifically to make you successful, providing multiple streams of income. 

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