Cochlear Implant Surgery and Therapy in Children

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Before any procedure, a child must be a suitable implant candidate.

After assessing the child needs and requirements, a group of experts will meet. Audiologists will examine the child hearing abilities and conduct hearing aid tests. Speech-language pathologists evaluate the child development. Make sure the device is placed in the right position. A pediatric otolaryngologist, as well as a neurotologic, will assess whether it is secure and viable. The child parents will work with a guide to manage the procedure and provide updates on the process and future steps.

During the procedure, children will be put under general anaesthesia. 

They will wear a speech processing. Speech processors transform the speech into electrical signals and then send alerts through the brain. The child’s hearing is restored, and the child can return to school within one week. The child is required to avoid activities for three to four weeks. In the time of recovery, children should refrain from sports for three weeks. Parents might find it helpful to speak to a parent regarding their fears and worries.

If the patient can undergo the procedure, An audiologist will examine the child hearing both with and without the aid of hearing. 

The doctor will go over the procedure and the advantages and dangers of surgery for the cochlear implant. The cochlear implant procedure usually lasts a couple of hours and is carried out in general anaesthesia. The patient is kept at a medical facility for a few weeks to heal.

After The Procedure.

After the procedure, the children will undergo intensive therapy for three or four weeks. They will need to see their surgeon on regular checkups in this period. The child will also have regular visits to the audiologists. They will also be required to take certain medication to aid their bodies to recover. However, the time to recover can differ. The child should spend at least three weeks in their home. 

Speech-language Pathologist.

Alongside the speech-language pathologist and the cochlear implant surgeons. Speech-language pathologist. We will assess the child progress and establish the goals of therapy. It will plan frequent programming sessions to ensure that the child gets stimulation. They will also talk about the child’s growth and development and any special needs.

Prevention is basis of healthy lifestyle – word search game.

Following the surgery for cochlear implants, children should receive regular post-surgery treatment.

Children can go to school in one week. But they must avoid playing sports for about three to four weeks. The child will have to make regular appointments with an audiologist following the operation.

After the child, surgery for a cochlear implant begins. They will be able to start auditory rehabilitation and the therapy of speech and language. T

In this stage, the child family members must be there to help the child even though the child would not be able to hear sounds. Their role is vital to the development of speech in children. In addition, the Therapist can offer educational programs to family members and parents of  cochlear implant cost in Pakistan.

After surgery following the procedure, the child can begin therapy for speech and language. This will aid the child to recognize sounds and comprehending spoken language. 

What will Therapist Do?

Therapists will also assist parents to comprehend the procedures and aid their children during their rehabilitation. The patient will receive further training and guidance from their surgeon for cochlear.

Following the surgery to implant a cochlear device, children will need to recuperate for three to four weeks.

Based on the child age, the amount of care needed will vary. The majority of children will be capable of returning to school after two weeks of healing. Implants should not interfere with the ability of children to learn the language or speak. Children sitting on the sofa should not play games or play with other toys following the procedure.

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