Carrom Trick Shots to help you Win Big

The carrom game online is an old classic board game popular among people of every age. The rules are minimum and simple for anyone to understand. The game is usually played among two or four people online. The competition is tough when pro players come on board and show you the best tricks! Participate in the real cash games to get more updated with them.

When the competition becomes difficult, here is when you can use the carrom trick shots to make the game come into your hands. Use the carrom game online for your enjoyment, fun and a source of a passive income that you can make with the app. These trick shots can help you win the game smoothly.

Here are some of the best trick shots in the game.

  • Back Shot

A player can make a back shot only under some circumstances. As you know, you cannot make a back shot directly in the carrom game online, but you can make it by striking the token in the opposite direction to come backwards, which can help you pocket the token in the backward direction. The striker comes back and pocket the token from the back side.

  • Double Shot

In board games like carrom, the double shot is a common trick shot among players. It is played when the token is in the centre or anywhere near to it. The striker comes in hard and collides in the opposite direction, so it rebounds and falls in the pocket at your side.

  • Cut shot

This shot is made when the tokens are in the centre of your board. If the striker if placed on the left side, then you will drag and release the striker towards the right side. Then the token would be pocketed.

  • Board shot

It is one tricky shot! This can be made by players who are pro with the carrom game online. If you play this shot in the game, the striker needs to hit different sides of the board in such a manner that the token at your side is pocketed.

  • Middle shot

The carrom game online also involves a middle shot in the game. This shot is played at the beginning of the game when the tokens are put right in the centre of board. The player has to hit two tokens that are adjacent to each other, so that when they collide, they will go in opposite directions.

The middle shot would help you pocket two pieces at one time in the game’s first shot. This can really revolve the game to your side.

  • Second hit

It is also a shot taken in the carrom game online! The player has to hit the token, blocking you so that it pockets the other token and then falls in the pocket. You can use this trick to make a good shot in the game.

Make use of such trick shots in the game and have a good game. Make your account on the Dangal games app and have the best gaming experience! Play carrom game online to win the most exciting prizes ever!

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