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There are some very difficult moments in life when we lose the one we have adored our entire life. Losing your parents can be hard and the emotions can’t be described in my words. We also know that a lot of people try to stay connected with just the influence of their parents even after losing them and one of the ways in which they do it is by celebrating their birthday. We have brought for you some group ecards wherein you can write a message for your parents add it up with pictures and treasure it like a memory forever.


This card would contain a lot of pages and will give you the satisfaction that you have connected with your parents in some form or another.  Believe me, saying the words from your heart is really important and for that, we have always tried to come up with better solutions and our group ecards are one such medium through which you can say it all.


Here are some sample messages that you can fill up on your card and convey your heart. Remember trying to stay connected with the people you love is never wrong and this is a way to find peace in life.


Heavenly Birthday Wishes for Father


  • I’m sending my best birthday wishes to the best father I know. He may not be here now, however, he’s an eternity in my heart. Happy heavenly birthday father!


  • I have never realized that being a bastard will likewise cause me to feel useless, feeble, random, and powerless. Happy birthday in heaven, daddy. I genuinely miss you.


  • As I develop more established, regardless of whose adoration will give me happiness, I will consistently remain my daddy’s daughter. I miss you father, Happy bday!


  • Each time I will offer flowers to your grave, I understand how fragrant you have made my life. I miss you daddy, Happy birthday in heaven!


  • Only one more possibility, I wish I could get an embrace from your father. And afterwards, I will hold you firmly and will not at any point let you go once more, Happy birthday in heaven!


  • Best birthday, father. May this day bring endless joy and abundant satisfaction while you commend your birthday up there in heaven!


  • Your passing will always stay a foggy memory in me. However, your life will consistently be a striking one, an exemplification of significance and self-punishment. I miss you father, cheerful bday in heaven.


  • Father, on that day we lost you. I lost a dad, however a companion and a symbol that I turned upward to. I miss you father, awesome birthday!


  • Demise may have removed you from my life, yet my life’s legend will always be you, father. Best birthday.


  • Father, how sorrowful I am and the amount I miss you. I can’t clarify in words the suffering of losing you. Happy bday daddy in heaven!


Heavenly Birthday Wishes for mother


  • I have cried so often yet I know every one of the tears on the planet would not bring you back. As you commend your birthday today, I will get a kick out of the chance to wish you never-ending harmony and happiness. Happy birthday in heaven Mumma!


  • I gaze upward in the sky and I realize you are up there with the stars, sparkling so brilliant. As you mark this day, I wish you continue to shine as brilliantly as possible. Heavenly happy birthday mom!


  • Have a heavenly happy birthday, Mom. You were my ‘Miracle Woman’ and I will consistently recollect you for your mental fortitude and motivation.


  • I recollect when I was nearly nothing and you would reveal to me sleep time stories to take care of me. Those were a portion of my greatest evenings ever. I trust our Father in paradise reveals to you wonderful stories as you commend this extraordinary day. Happy heavenly birthday mom!


  • Master, tell my mother that I will cherish her eternity and that I miss her with every last trace of my being. If it’s not too much trouble, give her the most ideal treat as she praises her birthday today.


Other Heavenly Birthday Wishes


  • You were so delightful on the most fundamental level. There was such beauty and style in all that you did. I trust I can resemble you sometime in the not-so-distant future. I miss you, mother. Appreciate it all every day. Happy birthday in heaven!


  • Your adoration for me knew no limits when you were here. I realize you will keep on adoring me up there in paradise. I wish you limitless fun. Cheers to a happy birthday!


  • My face has been covered with a smile similarly to my brain is to be filled with recollections of those wonderful minutes we shared. I trust you are having an incredible birthday in heaven!


  • All I wish for you is a wealth of affection and joy from God and His holy messengers as you commend your birthday today.


  • The agony of losing you won’t ever disappear, won’t ever dull, and won’t ever be neglected. The opening that your demise left in my heart can never be filled. You were a stand-out, Mom. I miss you beyond all doubt. Happy birthday in heaven mommy!

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