Best Desi Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford

sweet centre restaurant

A visit to the Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford will undoubtedly result in a delicious meal. This Bradford-based sweet shop is located in a quiet area of Bradford. It’s a short drive from the office and a perfect place to enjoy your late-night snack. Visitors are welcome to relax in the incredible atmosphere of the restaurant. A visit to this Bradford sweet shop will make you fall in love with the place! You can sample its variety of sweets, indulge in its attractive prices, or take your sweet tooth for a spin!

Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford opened its doors in 1964 and is widely known for its award-winning cuisine. The restaurant is situated in the Bradford Lumb Lane area. Listed as one of Bradford’s top restaurants, the Sweet Centre is the only place in the city to serve Asian cuisine. There are currently three Sweet Centre locations in Bradford. To make this Bradford restaurant a breeze, visit their website and place your order online.

Asian Restaurant Bradford

Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford is a long-established Bradford Asian restaurant. The restaurant was started in 1964 by a first-generation Asian gentleman. The food is excellent, and the price is right too.

The Sweet Centre Bradford offers a variety of sweets and other delicacies. If you’re looking for a delicious meal, try their delicious Indian cuisine. They offer breakfast and regular evening sittings. During the day, many people stop by on their way to work and stop for a meal. And if you’re feeling hungry, don’t miss their delicious Indian desserts.

sweet centre restaurant

If you’re looking for authentic Kashmiri food in Bradford, try the Sweet Centre Bradford. They serve various Kashmiri dishes and even have halal breakfasts on the weekends! This Bradford restaurant also serves Pakistani and Indian cuisine, and the decor is adorable. The menu is very extensive, and the portions are reasonable. Customers rate the food and service very highly.

Best Desi Sweet Centre Restaurant

The Best Desi Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford serves authentic Indian cuisine. This Bradford Indian restaurant offers a varied menu of sweets, savoury dishes, and desserts. Their 4.3 Google rating is an indication of their quality. You can also book private dining rooms if you’d like to enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one. If you’re planning a special night out in Bradford, don’t forget to book the Sweet Centre Restaurant.

For authentic Indian and Pakistani dishes, check out the Sweet Centre Restaurant in Bradford. You can order garlic naan, ice cream, and halva. For drinks, try a beer or a good wine. If you’re on a budget, consider ordering a takeaway meal. You can also dine in on the weekends! They offer Pakistani and Kashmiri cuisine, halal Asian breakfasts, and a full menu of Desi-style dishes.

Traditional Desi Breakfast

This traditional desi breakfast is served with deep-fried puffy bread called puris. Both dishes are rich and flavorful and are the perfect accompaniment for each other. A sweet halwa and puris go well together. In addition to the halwa, sweet naan bread and chaat masala make for an excellent desi meal.

sweet centre restaurant

The Sweet Centre is a community centre-based Indian restaurant in Bradford. Their samosa chaat and balti are delicious, and their service is second to none. They offer excellent value for money and a pleasant atmosphere. The food is also delicious and incredibly healthy! The samosa chaat is out of this world! We loved our meal here, and we hope to return in the future! If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy authentic Indian and Pakistani food in a charming atmosphere, the restaurant at Sweet Centre is a great option. The food is delicious, and the prices are reasonable. This Bradford eatery also offers takeaway and eat-in service. The interiors and service at Sweet Centre are cute and inviting, and the food is prepared fresh daily. And, with such a diverse menu, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy your meal.

Authentic Indian Cuisine in Bradford

If you’re looking for a tasty treat for your loved ones, visit Sweet Centre in Bradford. The Indian restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes with desi flavours. The seekh kebab, for example, is very popular here. Besides the kebab, you can also try out the various savoury treats like laddus and even try some pistachio ice cream! If you’re looking for authentic Indian cuisine in Bradford, check out Sweet Centre. This restaurant serves authentic Kashmiri and Pakistani cuisine.

The menu is the expansive and affordable, and cute and cosy decor. And since it is a halal establishment, you won’t be disappoint. It’s an excellent choice for a night out with family and friends. The food here is delicious and authentic. You can enjoy a meal here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also try the Indian curries and the naan.

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