6 Great Reasons Why You Should Study in Adelaide

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Deciding on a university is a big decision. You need to think about things like location, how the school’s culture aligns with your own, and what kind of degree you’d like to pursue. However, it’s important that you do your research before making your final decision. Questions to ask yourself include: What city would be best to study, live and work in? What type of school am I looking for? How does the school’s culture compare to my own?

Adelaide is a city in Australia with a population of 1.3 million people, and it’s the 5th largest city in the country. It’s located in the South Australian state, and its climate is considered Mediterranean. In Adelaide, winters are cool to mild and summers are generally dry. There are over 100 educational institutions to choose from, and more than 35,000 students attend these schools.

South Australia is a cosmopolitan hub in Australia. It has a lot to offer, like art galleries and museums, that an international student may not find elsewhere in the country. Studying in South Australia will give you plenty of perks, like access to a ton of art galleries and museums.

Here are 6 reasons why you might want to study in Adelaide if you are an international student.

  • Education

International students looking for world-class institutions in Southern Australia should visit Adelaide. The city has many of the world’s best colleges and universities, as well as specialized Vocational Education and Training institutions and hospitality schools to provide the skills you’ll need. Adelaide has a strong education system, including many globally-ranked world universities. In fact, South Australia has the highest number of international students per capita in Australia. South Australian degrees are well-regarded by employers both in Australia and abroad, and are considered to be the most sought-after in the country.

  • Affordable Transportation

Adelaide offers the benefits of a lower cost of living for international students. Food, transportation, and rent are all less expensive in Adelaide than other Australian cities. International students in Adelaide can get discounted public transport at $49 each month through the Government’s student concession program. Moreover on the other hand, tertiary students can enjoy unlimited travel on all train, tram and bus services. As they’re in college, they often have no other transportation options and so rely on public transit and Adelaide Metro is an excellent way for them to travel.

  • Easy Student Accommodation

Over 4,000 international students are studying at the Adelaide and living in student accommodation Adelaide. The accommodation is central to the city, and is located just a few meters from some of the best universities in the world. International students have many accommodation options. On-campus housing is typically around $90-$280 a week. Residential colleges offer a fully furnished room and are typically more expensive, at $165 to $440 a week, but are easier to arrange. Private rentals and homestays, which cost $235 to $325 per week, are also an option. Student hostels, which usually cost around $140 per week, are the most affordable option of all. Moreover the cheapest option will depend on your priorities and requirements. Moreover for more information related to student accommodation Adelaide, you can visit University Living.

  • Health & Safety Factor

Adelaide is consistently one of the top ten most liveable cities in the world, according to the EIU. South Australia has an emergency phone number to contact Police Ambulance or Fire by calling “000” from either a landline or a mobile device and a special number for blood test. Moreover all international students can contact this number in case of an emergency. 

  • International Population

The city of Adelaide is multicultural, making it easy to interact with people from different cultures and experience different cultures. Plus, you can find your favorite food from home when you’re feeling homesick. However almost 30% of the population of Adelaide are from elsewhere, so there are lots of cultural festivals, vibrant communities and restaurants serving food from all over the world.

  • Right to Work

International students in South Australia can work a few different types of jobs. Moreover they can work 40 hours a week while they’re enrolled in school, and they can work the same amount of hours during scheduled breaks or holidays. If you’re pursuing a PhD or masters in research, you can even work full-time in Adelaide. One interesting fact about international students in South Australia is that they enjoy the same work rights as that of a citizen. Moreover This includes:

  • A fair minimum wage.
  • Unfair dismissals from a part-time or full-time job.
  • Breaks, leave and rest periods.
  • Working in an unhygienic environment.

Adelaide is the best place to live in student accommodation Adelaide and study in Australia. It’s affordable, welcoming and accessible, and has been ranked as the third most liveable city in the world. Moreover there are over 500 jobs that international graduates can apply for once they’ve finished their studies. Moreover Adelaide is Australia’s best city to gain valuable post-study work experience.

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