15 Common, No Prep Activities for Toddlers

activities for toddlers

15 Common, No Prep Activities for Toddlers

Toddlers have very little attention. They often try one activity for a few minutes and then move on to another activity. It’s something they like and hours and hours and hours if not more. Here are some simple and easy activities for toddlers. No preparation, just entertainment. If you are starting, they will join you soon. Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With D For Kids.

Simple, unprepared activities for toddlers

Pots and pans: This can take hours. Toddlers love to have fun with pots and pans, making noise, putting lids on, and pretending they are cooking.

Blocks and Cubes: There is nothing more fun than tearing down a tower of blocks. Make one, and if you are lucky, your little one can help you build it too.

Cutting paper: Using scissors is a great way to practice fine motor skills. All you need are scissors to fit the toddler. If you are worried about scissors, you can tear off pieces of paper, and they will be happy too!

Reading: It is always a magical moment with young children who love to read and re-read their favorite stories. “Where is the cat?” Try to ask questions about images like. When they start talking, “What is it?” You may also ask a question that requires such a response. And the child responds, for example, “A cat!”.

Colander and Pipe Cleaners: Give your child colander and pipe cleaners and run pipe cleaners through the holes in the colander. Very easy to set up, right ?!

Use old CDs: Do you have an empty stock of CDs? You know the stock of over 100 CDs that come with a plastic base (those who have them understand me!). Restore the base, pick up some old CDs and ask your child to slip them onto the base.

Help: Toddlers love to help. Give them a job, and they will be happy for hours. Oops … just a few minutes. When my son was little, he loved to wash, dry, vacuum, and organize clothes. I hired him quickly, and he loved it!

Singing: Singing is a great way to help toddlers learn to speak. Sing along with them about activities such as jean little dancing or clapping, small hands clapping.

Sort Buttons: Remove buttons and plastic cups. Sort them by your child: color, size, or two holes or four holes! Whether it is left to your discretion. If you do not have buttons, your children can sort their blocks or play cubes by color.

Play in the bath: If you want the bath to be a little more pleasant, add a shower curtain to protect the floor from water splashing, but this is not necessary. Your child can wash toys. Transfer water from one container to another, or experiment with toys to see what floats and sinks!

Treasure Hunt: Give your child a bag, name an object or describe the object and send your child to find it. This is the perfect activity when you are cooking dinner.

Touch: Sensory activity requires very little preparation; you just have to put the ingredients in the bathtub or tray. Try corn, dry pasta, oil too! He is playing with cardboard: How? Boost his imagination and see what he does with this box. Maybe he imagines himself on the train? Or a plane? Or home! Does anyone know!?

Dominos game: Your children can line them up or compare them to dots.

Modeling: As long as you have (or do not have) homemade plasticine, it will remain an activity that young children will love without preparation. Add trucks, cars, and tractors to today’s workshop, or add other items to create footprints! Learn Vocabulary Words That Start With D For Kids

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