10 Reasons Why Goku Could Destroy Naruto?

10 Reasons Why Goku Could Destroy Naruto

Our top two favorite manga characters of all time are Goku and Naruto! Both are amazing in their own right, but when you get right down to it, we have to admit that Goku has the edge! We’ve listed 10 reasons why Goku could destroy Naruto in one-on-one combat. 

Reason 1) Goku Has Super Saiyan Transformations

That’s right, if one of these is a power-up, then it needs to go into your list. And what other character has super Saiyan transformations? None that we can think of. And don’t tell us you haven’t thought about it before. After all, everyone who knows about Dragon Ball Z and Naruto wants to know who would win in a fight between Goku and Naruto! Now, obviously, no one has done any fanfiction with that because they want to stay true to their characters or whatever but come on! There’s got to be people out there who’ve thought about it. Don’t be shy! Let it out! We promise not to judge not too much at least

Reason 2) Goku Is Stronger Than The Tailed Beasts

If you’re a fan of both Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, you’ve probably noticed that The Tailed Beasts are extremely powerful. But, how does that compare to what we’ve seen from Goku? Well, for starters—and for reference—you should know that in DBZ there are actually only five tailed beasts. According to lore, each beast is actually more powerful than its predecessor. And if you think about it logically, it makes sense that way too: If the one-tailed beast is strong enough to level an entire country with ease then five of them would be a force to be reckoned with!

Reason 3) Goku’s Power Levels Are Inconsistent But Still Extremely High

Since Dragon Ball Z, Goku’s power levels have been one of the most inconsistent things in his world. There is no method to be found for estimating them, as they seem to fluctuate randomly from episode to episode or even from panel to panel. However, he is always stronger than any character we have ever seen. Any time a new villain comes around that seems like a force to be reckoned with and threatens Earth or Universe 7 in some way, we know that he can defeat it in less than an episode; his power level never drops below what it was when he first appeared. It should go without saying that as long as you are stronger than your opponents and can defeat them easily and quickly, you will win every fight you enter into.

Reason 4) Goku Can Fly Under His Own Power

One of the reasons why people think that Goku could definitely beat Naruto is because he can fly under his own power. In fact, there’s a lot of speculation about whether or not Sasuke could defeat him given that flying ability. Despite knowing how to perform a few Jutsu (like clones and clones), it’s pretty obvious to most people that Naruto would have a hard time taking down someone who can leap from building to building with relative ease. Although Freeza isn’t exactly one of our favorite characters either, his ability to move from planet to planet is quite impressive—and it makes him considerably faster than what you see in Dragon Ball Z . . . which is kind of important if you want to take down a fighter like Saiyan Vegeta!

Reason 5) Goku Has A Lot Of Experience Fighting Many Different Types Of Villains

One of the reasons Goku would destroy Naruto is that he has experience fighting against many different types of villains. For example, he fought against General Blue, Piccolo Daimao, Raditz, Freeza, Cell, and even Majin Buu. In comparison to all of these dangerous opponents that he has fought against over his career as a fighter on Earth, anyone like Sasuke or Kakashi wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Having lots of fight experience allows people to learn how to defend themselves and it helps them avoid getting killed by other fighters who might be more skilled than them in battle. Knowing how to make your own mistakes when they happen can help prevent you from making them again later on down the road during future fights in your life.

Reason 6) Son Goku Is Also Omnipotent Like The Ones In The Dragon Ball Universe

Reason 7) Goku Has Overcome A Great Deal Of Pain And Suffering To Get Where He Is Today

Believe it or not, one of goku’s greatest strengths is his ability to persevere. The guy has always had a positive attitude, and even when facing death he never gives up. He trains harder than anyone else, believing that any challenge is surmountable with hard work and dedication. He would definitely be able to fight through naruto’s pain over losing his friends and family (especially since goku doesn’t have any). This is especially important in a match between two characters that are capable of taking damage—which both Naruto and Goku are. Both will most likely take an incredible amount of damage before they can finally land a blow strong enough to defeat their opponent.

Reason 8) Son Goku Is An Avenger, Who Will Do Whatever It Takes To Save Others Even If It Means Sacrificing Himself

Goku is just a nice guy, one who will do whatever it takes to save others. He’s even willing to sacrifice himself if it means ensuring everyone else lives on. But there’s one thing that sets him apart from almost every other superhero out there: he doesn’t hide behind a mask or wear a special suit—he’s just an ordinary human with nothing but his own strength and determination on his side. That makes him extremely versatile in both close-quarter combat and long-range attacks, giving him a significant advantage over most other characters when things get heated up. It also makes him more vulnerable than someone like Captain America or Iron Man, but hey, that means he has an excuse to train hard and get stronger!

Reason 9) Son Goku Deserves To Be The Greatest Fighter In History

Though his fans like to argue that he’s not actually all that powerful, there are a plethora of reasons why Son Goku is one of, if not THE strongest fighters in history. He’s nigh-invulnerable to conventional damage and many forms of reality-bending attacks. It’s safe to say even if you can literally summon weapons from other dimensions, you still don’t stand a chance against super saiyan goku games!!!

Reason 10) Bulma Loves Him

Some fans believe that the main character of Dragon Ball Son Goku is strong enough to take over and destroy popular anime characters like Naruto. The argument, while hilarious, has some merit behind it. If you’ve ever played a Goku game, then you know that he has all sorts of amazing abilities at his disposal; not only can he fly faster than light, but he can also create an energy field capable of deflecting most (if not all) attacks thrown at him. In addition to his physical prowess, Goku’s speed and reaction time are also formidable. He would definitely be able to evade Naruto in combat…and as a result, he might win via decision.

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